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News India: Students as Beacons of Ethics in Higher Education

On the 18 and 21 June 2021, India and the Rani Anna Government College of Women Students hosted an international webinar titled ‘Students as Beacons of Ethics in Higher...   Weiterlesen » India: Good thoughts and theory must lead to action India jointly organised the International Conference on Transcending the Frontiers of Science and Technology in collaboration with Graphic Era Hill University from May 12 –...   Weiterlesen » India: Peace, Ethics and Development India and the Christ Academy Institute of Law, in association with the Journal of Dharma hosted an International Webinar on 23 and 24 April 2021, titled "Peace, Ethics and...   Weiterlesen » India: Reimagining Ethics and Sustainable Strategies in a Post-COVID Society

A national seminar on Reimagining Ethics and Sustainable Strategies in Post-COVID Society was held at St. Jude’s College Thoothoor on the 19 March 2021. The seminar was the result of efforts by...   Weiterlesen »

Water Ethics: No water, no life

In celebration of World Water Day, India organised a one day consultation on Water Ethics in collaboration with WME College Coimbatore on the 25 March 2021.   Weiterlesen »
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