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Documents and special collections on ecumenical, intercultural and contextual theologies, theological education, world Christianity, and interreligious studies, regularly receiving updates from the Index Theologicus, International Bibliography of Theology and Religious Studies.

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Interreligious Cooperation for Peace

An opportunity to deepen your understanding of interreligious and intercultural studies. This programme invites you to a unique learning journey: you will learn about religion and religions, and how members of religious communities can engage and learn from one another.

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A Network of people connected by theology and ecumenism

An interactive global community that aims at facilitating mutual connectivity, exchange, dialogue and research cooperation between theological education institutions, religious scholars and theologians educators in all regions of the world.

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null GlobeTheoLib Annual Report 2018

The GlobeTheoLib (GTL) Annual Report 2018 is now available.

Since 2011 has been collaborating with the World Council of Churches (WCC) on a project to develop a multilingual online library offering access free of charge to full-text articles, journals, books and other resources on theology, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, ethics, and ecumenism in World Christianity.

This report details the activities, statistics and financial report from 2018.

GlobeTheoLib to be fully Integrated into

As a result of's new strategy 2019–2022 and new branding guidelines, the decision to fully integrate GTL into was taken by the GTL Consortium and Board of Foundation in October 2018. Consequently, all GTL activities now operate under the identity and GlobeTheoLib ceases to exist as an independent entity. is committed to carry on the historical legacy and mission of GTL, to support, nurture and stimulate global ecumenical theological education and studies, by maintaining and further developing its rich theological resources as part of the Library. This will be achieved with the support of the former GTL consortium members who have subsequently joined the Consortium.

Activities and information resources related to ecumenism will be featured in future Annual Reports.

For further information concerning GlobeTheoLib in the new strategy, contact our information desk directly at