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New Publications

Education Ethics 8 coverLeadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding (2021)

Christoph Stückelberger, Joseph Galgalo, Samuel Kobia (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-2-88931-389-1

"This is a person with Integrity." It summarizes the values and virtues such as honesty, credibility, justice and respect. Persons with integrity are needed on all levels, from parents to heads of states, from students to Vice-chancellors, from cleaning to accounting, from student elections to national elections. The book encourages in three parts for integrity in leadership, vocation in the professional life and integrity in elections. The book is the fruit of the partnership between and the Ecumenical St. Paul's University SPU in Kenya, ranked by UniRank as the best private university in Kenya. Most of the authors are from SPU.

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CEC 7 coverPlaces of Worship and Holy Sites in Europe and the Middle East (2021)

Elizabeta Kitanovic and Patrick Roger Schnabel (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-2-88931-393-8

Worship places – churches, synagogues, mosques, temples, shrines and many others – are a key feature in most religions, a part of cultural heritage with a high symbolic and emotional value attached to them. Unfortunately, as a consequence of armed conflict or actions by radical nationalists, worship places are often targeted to inflict damage and eradicate identity. For this reason, national and international laws exist to award special protection to such places. This collection of essays explores the relevance the protection of religious sites has in implementing the freedom of religion or belief and in fostering peaceful relations among different religions.

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African Law 7 coverDroits, libertés et devoirs de la personne et des peuples en droit international africain, Tome II (2021)

Pascal Mukonde Musulay 
ISBN: 978-2-88931-399-0

Le présent ouvrage fait suite au volume précédant qui présente la vocation universelle des droits de la personne dans le droit et dans la pratique internationale. La promotion et la protection des droits et des obligations démocratiques en droit international africain est la voie proposée pour une continentalisation de la démocratie en Afrique ainsi que leurs réponses idoines. En contribuant à la promotion et à l'intériorisation par les africains et surtout leurs dirigeants des principes et des valeurs des droits humains, plus particulièrement des droits et obligations démocratiques, ces principes permettront, selon l'auteur, l'ancrage et la maîtrise des mécanismes et textes juridiques adoptés par l'ensemble de ces États pour garantir leur effectivité.

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African Law 6 coverDroits, libertés et devoirs de la personne et des peuples en droit international africain, Tome I (2021)

Pascal Mukonde Musulay 
ISBN: 978-2-88931-397-6

Le présent ouvrage concilie, d'une part, les particularismes de l'Afrique et d'autre part, la vocation universelle des droits de la personne dans le droit et dans la pratique internationale. En rappelant l'une des missions fondamentales pour les États et l'Union africaine, qui est celle de promouvoir les droits humains, cet ouvrage interpelle sur la nécessité de mettre en place dans ces États des stratégies susceptibles d'amener dans la durée les idéaux de paix, la primauté du droit, le respect des droits humains et une vraie démocratie. Il ambitionne d'éclairer les dispositions juridiques qui fondent cette promotion et protection des droits de la personne et des peuples

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Education Ethics 7, Vol 2 cover 圣商灵粮 Daily Bread for Christians in Business (2021)

Moses C.
ISBN: 978-2-88931-391-4


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Education Ethics 7, Vol 2 cover Missional Encounter: Approach for Ministering to Invisible Peoples (2021)

Paul K. Musolo W'Isuka
ISBN: 978-2-88931-401-0

This book explores Christian mission and the Mbuti Pygmies, a sub-group of Central African Pygmies who are mostly forest dwellers. The Pygmies are often still unseen and discriminated against, and as consequence, still remain unreached and unchurched. The missional encounter to reach and minister to the invisible is the key focus of this research. In order to minister to this population, this book proposes that mission among and for Pygmies should be conceived and practiced in the light of new paradigms in relation to the concept of conversion. Theological education should be a holistic Christ-like approach to reach and minister to the invisible.

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Education Ethics 7, Vol 2 cover Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees: A Euro-African Problem in the 21st Century (2021)

Chigozie Nnebedum
ISBN: 978-2-88931-387-7

This book is a call for solidarity, to stand with all people facing the many challenges of forced migration. Based on a qualitative methodology, sources within the book are taken from a European setting, focusing on African migrants, with special attention to the Nigerian community. The response of the Catholic Church to problems caused by migrations is analysed and discussed with reference to Sollicitudo Rei Socialis, which presents the required alertness and stimuli actions to be taken by all.

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Education Ethics 7, Vol 2 cover Organizational Improvement of Nigerian Catholic Chaplaincy in Central Ohio (2021)

Hilary C. Ike
ISBN: 978-2-88931-385-3

The book is based on a qualitative study of faith-based organizations as agents of ethical community development. This thesis proposes ways to improve diaspora faith-based organizations for ethical and effective collaboration, particularly with mainstream agencies in social services delivery. The thesis also focuses on the values, which need to be sustained by diaspora faith-based organizations to achieve collaboration.

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Education Ethics 7, Vol 2 cover Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education Vol. 2 (2021)

Obiora Ike, Justus Mbae, Chidiebere Onyia, Herbert Makinda  (Eds.)
ISBN: 978-2-88931-383-9

The 18 chapters of this book are a result of a conference in March 2018 at the Catholic University of East Africa (CUEA) in Kenya, focused on the integration of Ethics in Higher Education. The book captures the potential for sharing of knowledge, and triggering interdisciplinary collaboration and research across a wide variety of issues ranging from research practice, religion, entrepreneurship, leadership, fundraising and corruption. While some of the chapters focus on the understanding of ethics and its relationship with the various other aspects of life, others concentrate on the methods and strategies of effectively teaching ethics.

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Who Cares About Ethics coverWho Cares About Ethics? (2020)

Obiora Ike, Amélé Adamavi-Aho Ekué, Anja Andriamasy, Lucy Howe López (Eds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-381-5

Ethics is a universal concern for all people around the world, and this book explores how and why ethics is still relevant today. Who Cares About Ethics? is made up of selected essays from participants in the Network, capitalising on their diverse knowledge and life experiences. Topics range from ethics in the cyberworld, the role of religious ethics in advocating for the environment, explorations of ethics in health and well-being to redefining the concept of homesickness.

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La justice climatique restaurativeRéparer les inégalités Nord/Sud (2020)

Nestor Engone Elloué
Préface par Catherine Larrère
ISBN 978-2-88931-379-2

La reconnaissance des inégalités climatiques commande de penser une justice climatique Nord/Sud appropriée, et de rechercher une réponse adéquate aux besoins réels du Sud global. Ni la justice climatique distributive et ni la justice climatique corrective ne permettent de répondre convenablement à la nature multidimensionnelle de ces besoins. Face à ces limites la justice climatique restaurative a trois atouts principaux : 1) elle permet de mieux intégrer la responsabilité historique du Nord dans le traitement des injustices climatiques. 2) Elle permet de se recentrer sur les besoins de justice des victimes climatiques du Sud : besoins de réparation, besoins de distribution, besoins de reconnaissance, besoins de participation et besoins d'assistance. Et enfin 3), elle permet d'inclure une dimension préventive au processus de justice.

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Mission Rediscovered: Transforming Disciples (2020)

Kenneth R. Ross
ISBN 978-2-88931-369-3

This book offers a commentary on the Arusha Call to Discipleship, unpacking the meaning of its 12-part summons. It provides an up-to-date theological and missiological view on a major ecumenical mission document with a personal reflection on the state of the world desperately in need of change and transformation. It intends to be a key resource for discovering what it means to become what Pope Francis described as "missionary disciples". Primarily meant for individuals and study groups in churches, mission agencies and  theological institutions, it is a useful tool for anyone interested in the  ecumenical mission movement and World Christianity.

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Diritti dell'uomo e cooperazione internazionale : una scommessa educativa (2020)

Stefania Gandolfi / Abdeljalil Akkari
ISBN 978-2-88931-377-8

La domanda principale che la cooperazione deve porsi è sapere ciò che, in ogni azione, può aumentare o diminuire il potere delle persone e delle comunità e a quale gruppo sociale la cooperazione apporta più giustizia, più diritti, più libertà. È necessario per questo partire da un approccio basato sui diritti dell'uomo il cui obiettivo è quello di aumentare le capacità
delle persone che rendono effettivo l'esercizio delle libertà e responsabilità. Il rispetto dei diritti definisce un insieme di regole di comportamento che i governi devono osservare per permettere alle persone di vivere in dignità e in libertà.

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Overseas Investment of Chinese Enterprises: A Casebook on Corporate Social Responsibility (2020)

Liu Baocheng / Chandni Patel
ISBN 978-2-88931-355-6

This book offers unique case studies on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in overseas investments of Chinese Enterprises, covering different industry sectors and regions. The decision making process of key stakeholders in ethical dilemmas, successes, failures and lessons learnt in CSR are analyzed. This book also offers an analysis of the core principles of effective stakeholder engagement, strategic planning and due diligence in the investment process, in topics such as infrastructure, mergers and acquisition, integration of local employees, trade unions and responsible advertising. It reiterates the importance of responsible business for the success of effective Outbound Direct Investment (ODI) strategies.

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Ethics of Inclusion and Equality: Vol. 3 An Indian Anthology of Cases (2020)

John Mohan Razu
ISBN 978-2-88931-353-2

This collection differs from other anthologies on equality and inclusion and thus diametrically opposes inequality and exclusion with its major focus on applied issues. By incorporating case studies, facts and figures that candidly show the relation between questions of equality and issues concerning poverty, hunger, homelessness, unemployment, caste, class, race, gender, exclusion, inequality and host of others within and between the countries. This anthology demonstrates that there is indeed a relationship between theoretical discussions of equality and the central socio-economic, politicocultural and religious problems facing India and the world at large to-day.

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价值观创造价值 Values Create Value: Impact through Values-driven Entrepreneurship (2020)

崔万田 (Cui Wantian) 
ISBN 978-2-88931-361-7


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Theology of Work and Development (2020)

Elly Kansiime
ISBN 978-2-88931-373-0

This piece of work focuses on the role of the church in sustainable development. The church is a major player because of the big numbers that constitute her institution. She has an everyday opportunity, and over binding responsibility to fulfill her ministry mandate. The church is one of the front line players in development, and her place is vital because she is supposed to engage a holistic role in development, more than any other player does. The author looks at development from a divine perspective, and expects all developers, to integrate the biblical teaching so that it can make meaning theologically and ecologically to sustain holistic development.

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Empathy and Indifference: Philosophical Reflections on Schizophrenia (2020)

Ignace Haaz
ISBN 978-2-88931-345-7

The professional application of ethics often lacks the necessary conceptual tools to construct adequate theoretical foundations that can be used for practical enterprise.
This book focuses on an anthropological approach to mental illness, describing how schizophrenia can distort one's experience of empathy and of the presence in the world through pathological indifference. It describes factual and phenomenological perspectives on a case of schizophrenia, based on the method of Eugène Minkowski.

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Globalance: Ethics Handbook for a Balanced World Post-Covid (2020)

Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-367-9

The key questions of this book "Globalance" are: How can we transform current disruptions, polarizations and imbalances in the world into a new dynamic world order and global balances? How can ethics contribute to this transition by a balance of values and virtues? How can we do it under the conditions of the world Post-Covid? The book contains 202 graphs/fotos in color.

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Le rôle de l'Église maronite dans la construction du Liban (2020)

Didier Ostermann
ISBN 978-2-88931-365-5

L'auteur étudie en premier lieu l'organisation de l'Église maronite du Liban, et cherche à démontrer l'incidence de celle-ci sur la construction de l'État libanais. Cette visée méthodologique l'induit ensuite à remonter à l'origine de l'Église maronite dès le Ve siècle en Syrie, puis enfin à s'intéresser à son développement dans la Montagne libanaise jusqu'en 1920. La thèse centrale soutenue est que cette période de l'histoire est à même d'éclairer le Liban d'aujourd'hui, comme elle l'a fait de manière exemplaire jusqu'au Pacte National de 1943. C'est dans ce Moyen-Orient, composé d'une forte prédominance du religieux dans les rapports entre groupes que le Liban prend forme, avec ses réalités géopolitiques et ses enjeux stratégiques. Afin de réaliser cette recherche, l'auteur a effectué de nombreux voyages au Liban, parcourant celui-ci en bus, ou à pied par exemple dans la Qadisha - la Vallée Sainte - difficilement accessible au sein de la Montagne chrétienne.

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The Struggle for Women Empowerment Through Education (2020)

Mary Rose-Claret Ogbuehi
ISBN 978-2-88931-363-1

Women are subjected to all kinds of violence, such as rape, forced marriage, forced identity, dependence, and a lack of freedom of expression, giving rise to the status of women as second-class citizens. Despite this gloomy picture, women across cultures agree that this denigration can only be stopped and reversed if those who are victims are educated so that they can discuss the problems, proper solutions, and see to their implementation. Many female authors write about the trauma that women undergo and the various ways in which women are marginalized in a male-dominated society. This thesis is based on novels by two female authors, Second Class Citizen (1974) by Buchi Emecheta from Ibuzo, Nigeria, and Das verborgene Wort (2001) by Ulla Hahn from Kirchhundem, Sauerland, Germany. It critically discusses the subjugation of women and violence against them through the prism of the novels' main characters.

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Ethics in Higher Education, a Transversal Dimension. Ética en educación, una dimensión transversal (2020)

Deivit Montealegre / María Eugenia Barroso (Eds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-359-4

This sixth volume on ethics in higher education is the result of an international and interdisciplinary seminar focused on the challenges for Latin America. It was jointly organized by the Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA) and Globethics South America Program, in October 2019. The report features 12 authors from universities, governmental and non-governmental organizations from the region and abroad.

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FaithInvest - Impactful Cooperation. Report of the International Conference Geneva 2020 (2020)

Geneva Agape Foundation
ISBN 978-2-88931-357-0

Churches and church-related institutions with their pension funds and capital invest billions of dollars worldwide. How can these investments become more consistent with the Christian values and have positive impact on development? And how can Christian development agencies with their expertise and partners match the needs of investors? This report includes the presentations and discussions of the international conference 16-18 January 2020 in Geneva. The conference strengthened impactful cooperation, enabled sharing of experiences and presenting innovative investments and platforms.

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悔改中的罪人 —对待腐败问题的实务指南(2020)

崔万田 (Cui Wantian) 克里斯托弗 司徒博  (Christoph Stückelberger)
ISBN 978-2-88931-351-8


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The Better Sinner —A Practical Guide on Corruption (2020)

Cui Wantian and Christoph Stückelberger
ISBN 978-2-88931-339-6

Corruption is as old as humanity, though the costly and large-scale efforts to address it have only been developed in recent decades. Despite the numerous standards, regulations and laws that exist, corruption is everywhere and may well be on the rise. The Christian faith teaches that, while we cannot be perfect, we can become ‘better sinners'. This book offers advice on how to overcome corruption especially in business.

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爱 + 经济学  Agape Economy (2020)

崔万田(Cui Wantian)
ISBN 978-2-88931-349-5


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Ética y economía: la relacíon dañada (Parte II) (2020)

Editors:  Cristina Calvo, Humberto Shikiya, Deivit Montealegre
ISBN 978-2-88931-347-1

Esta segunda parte del volumen Ética y Economía reúne en su contenido los temas centrales de los tres Diálogos de Alto Nivel que se sucedieron luego del primero realizado en noviembre de 2016. Los tópicos que recorren los distintos capítulos del libro colocan los problemas que el desarrollo aporta desde una perspectiva de inclusión social teniendo en cuenta los desafíos que entrañan el avance de la tecnología y la automatización para el mundo del trabajo, las finanzas, las relaciones de género y la sostenibilidad ambiental. Los resultados de los cuatro diálogos de alto nivel fueron presentados en términos de Recomendaciones y Conclusiones desde Ética y Economía al Foro Global del G20 Interfaith. Ello permite abrir una nueva etapa para seguir profundizando a través del debate multidisciplinario la construcción de soluciones justas y sostenibles.

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Ética del agua: Principios y directrices (2020)

Workshop for Water Ethics (W4W). Endorsed by Board
ISBN 978-2-88931-343-3

Muchos pensarán que los aspectos éticos de la gestión del agua carecen de importancia o que no aportan valor agregado alguno. Este texto sobre la ética del agua sostiene lo contrario: pone sobre el tapete valores y principios éticos para dilucidar cuestiones actuales acerca del agua a fin de proporcionar soluciones que incrementen las posibilidades de obtener resultados positivos para todas las partes involucradas. Las consideraciones éticas entran en juego a la hora de, por ejemplo, gestionar la disponibilidad del agua y su valor de mercado –en cuanto cuestión de ética económica y de acceso con equidad–; asimismo, la innovación técnica en relación con la extracción, tratamiento y distribución del agua supone una ética de la innovación; la gestión de los conflictos del agua es clave para una ética de la paz; la regulación y la gestión del agua requiere de una ética política y, por último, el tratamiento de la cuestión de las tradiciones y las creencias religiosas en torno del agua es inconcebible sin una ética religiosa. El texto, elaborado por un grupo internacional de expertos y aprobado por el Consejo de Administración de la Fundación, muestra cómo los valores éticos pueden facilitar el tratamiento de los asuntos y los conflictos relacionados con el agua de una manera efectiva, sostenible e inclusiva. En ese sentido, la presente publicación es una contribución al logro del sexto de los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible de las Naciones Unidas: "Garantizar la disponibilidad de agua y su gestión sostenible y el saneamiento para todos".

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Domestic Violence - Ethical Challenges to the Professionalism of Religious and Faith Leaders for Healing Survivors (2020)

Ruth Dymphna Maduforo
ISBN 978-2-88931-314-9

Domestic Violence is a scourge and reality in many societies around the world, but the topic is not given adequate consideration in terms of the required long-term help and information that victims, offenders and caregivers need. The focus on Domestic Violence brings an area of community and clinical psychology, mental health and overall well-being of citizens into view. The author explores the leadership roles of Churches, pastors and counsellors within religious and church institutions in providing long-term and sustainable healing to the affected and discovers gaps in their approaches. This book is an invitation for all stakeholders involved in family welfare and counselling of vulnerable persons, especially religious leaders and churches, to recognise the positive role of psychological therapy for healing the victims of domestic violence.

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Éthique de l'eau : Pour un usage et une gestion justes et durables des ressources en eau (2020)

Benoît Girardin et Evelyne Fiechter-Widemann (Éds.)
ISBN 978-2-88931-337-2

De l'avis de nombreux décideurs politiques, gestionnaires urbains, experts en eau, techniciens, activistes et même philosophes, une perspective éthique n'ajoute aucune valeur à l'endroit de la préservation et la gestion de l'eau et semble bien loin de faciliter la solution de ses principaux défis. Entre ceux qui mettent principalement l'accent sur le droit à l'eau pour tous et ceux qui se refusent d'outrepasser le réalisme économique, le débat semble bloqué. L'usage durable d'une ressource soumise à une pression croissante, en termes d'extraction, d'attribution et de recyclage semble une question à traiter de manière technique, pour ne pas dire technocratique. Le présent ouvrage collectif plaide l'opposé. Tout d'abord les nombreuses questions relatives aussi bien à l'accès à l'eau qu'à l'usage durable de la ressource, dépendent de négociations ouvertes.

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