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Trotz aller Anstrengungen ist es nicht möglich den gesamten Online Inhalt in der Bibliothek zu integrieren. Das Internet ist einfach grenzenlos. Dennoch ist es das Ziel der Bibliothek soviel Dokumente wie möglich in die Bibliothek zu integrieren, damit die Teilnehmenden Ihre Suche auf eine Datenbank beschränken können. Bis dieses Ziel erreicht ist haben die Bibliothekare einige nützliche Quellen für Sie gesammelt:

Vollständige Online-Texte


Online Enzyclopädien

Online Buchgeschäfte

Online Vorlesungen

Spezialisierte Suchprogramme und Web-Verzeichnisse

Vollständige Online-Texte

Suchen Sie in dieser Kategorie falls Sie nach einem vollständigen Buch oder Artikel suchen. Seien Sie sich bewusst, dass diese vollständigen Texte urheberrechtlich nicht geschützt oder frei zugänglich sind. Die hier aufgelisteten Quellen sind nicht ausschliesslich auf den Bereich Ethik spezialisiert. 

Google Books
Google Books has about 10 millions of scanned books already and is growing very fast. Parts of the books are available in full-text from cover to cover, namely books that have fallen in the public domain or orphan books. Books under copyright are only partly available. All books are searchable in the whole full-text, since Google possesses the complete digital scan of the books.

Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
"This is a collection of public domain and open access documents with a focus on American and English literature as well as Western philosophy. Its purpose is to help facilitate a person's liberal arts education."

The Online Books Page
"Listing over 35,000 free books on the Web".

E-Books Directory
"E-Books Directory is a free web resource which contains links to free downloadable e-books, technical papers, documents, as well as user contributed content, articles, reviews and comments. E-Books Directory is a service to students, researchers and e-book lovers."

The Open Library
This is a collection of books, some of them available with full-text.

The Universal Digital Library
"The mission is to create a Universal Library which will foster creativity and free access to all human knowledge. As a first step in realizing this mission, it is proposed to create the Universal Library with a free-to-read, searchable collection of one million books, available to everyone over the Internet. Within 10 years, it is our expectation that the collection will grow to 10 Million books. The result will be a unique resource accessible to anyone in the world 24x7, without regard to nationality or socioeconomic background."

Bibliotheca Augustana
This is a collection of classics, with some full-text online.

"Scribd is the largest social publishing company in the world, the Website where tens of millions of people each month publish and discover original writings and documents. On Scribd, you can quickly and easily turn nearly any file—including PDF, Word, PowerPoint and Excel—into a Web document and share it with the world."

Directory of Open Access Journals
"The aim of the Directory of Open Access Journals is to increase the visibility and ease of use of open access scientific and scholarly journals thereby promoting their increased usage and impact.
The Directory aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use a quality control system to guarantee the content.
In short a one stop shop for users to Open Access Journals."

ETHOS is a search engine that allows you to find theses produced by UK Higher Education. If the thesis is not available in full-text, you might ask the ETHOS team to digitize it.

The Christian Classics Ethereal Library
"The Christian Classics Ethereal Library is a digital library of hundreds of classic Christian books selected for edification and education. The online server reaches several million different users each year."

The Paideia Project Online
"Here you have access to the nearly 1000 papers presented at the Twentieth World Congress of Philosophy, and also order the 12 print volumes from the Philosophy Documentation Center."


Konsultieren sie die Liste von Biographien wenn Sie einen Überblick über wichtige Publikationen in speziellen Forschungsfeldern verschaffen wollen. Seien Sie sich bewusst, dass vollständige Texte meistens nur gegen Gebühr erhältlich sind. Desweiteren beachten Sie bitte, dasss Bibliographien nicht zwangsläufig erschöpfend sind.


Jörg Schroth: A collection of bibliographies on ethics themes by Jörg Schroth.

PhilPapers: A collection of bibliographies of online articles (not necessarily free) on: Applied Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Normative Ethics, Philosophy of Gender, Race and Sexuality, Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy, Value Theory.

Ethics Updates: "Ethics Updates is designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide resources and updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics." MAINLY FULL-TEXT.


The World Council of Churches has built a list of the Member Churches' Official Statements or Documents on Bioethics and Biotechnology (state: April 2004)         

Business Ethics

"Bibliography of Business Ethics Articles, by Georges Enderle, Xiaoqing Feng, Rosemary Guillette, Donna Kamm, and Allie Wilkie.
This unique bibliography contains the references of all articles published in the major journals on business and economic ethics over the last 20 years until May 2005. It includes more than 4,000 items (author, title of article, journal, year, number, pages). The journals are:
-    Business Ethics - A European Review (since 1992)
-    Business Ethics Quarterly (since 1991)
-    Business and Society (since 1994)
-    Business and Society Review (since 1999)
-    Economics and Philosophy (since 1985)
-    Journal of Business Ethics (since 1992)
-    Journal of Human Values (since 1995)
-    Teaching Business Ethics (1997-2003)
-    Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Unternehmensethik [Journal for Business, Economics, and Ethics] (since 2000)" webographie in Business Ethics: a commented list of Business Ethics related websites.

Computer Ethics

The Tavani Bibliography of Computing, Ethics, and Social Responsibility: "The purpose of Computing, Ethics, and Social Responsibility: A Bibliography is to bring together in a single collection a comprehensive list of sources on computing issues that impact professional, ethical, and social responsibility. Since a number of bibliographic works on or related to computer ethics and computers in society already exist (see Appendix A), one may reasonably ask: "Why another bibliography?" Many of these bibliographies, including the most comprehensive collections, tend to concentrate on either ethical or social issues in computing and thus emphasize one set of issues at the exclusion of the other. A principal goal of the present bibliography is to include sources on both ethical and social issues in one work and to organize those sources under category headings familiar to computer professionals. […]"

ACM-SIGCAS Computers and Society: this section of ACM specialized on issues about computer and society offers a list of links relevant for Computer Ethics. About SIGCAS: "SIGCAS is the ACM Special Interest Group that addresses the social and ethical consequences of widespread computer usage. SIGCAS' main goals are to raise awareness about the impact that technology has on society, and to support and advance the efforts of those who are involved in this important work."

Information Ethics

The International Center for Information Ethics (ICIE) offers a bibliography on its website.

Bibliothekskataloge und biographische Datenbanken

Konsultieren Sie diese Ressourchen wenn sie eine Suche bzw. Forschung nach Bibliographien vorhaben. Diese Datenbanken sind nicht zwangsläufig auf Ethik spezialisiert.

"WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content and services. WorldCat libraries are dedicated to providing access to their resources on the Web, where most people start their search for information. […] lets you:  
* Search many libraries at once for an item and then locate it in a library nearby
* Find books, music, and videos to check out
* Find research articles and digital items (like audiobooks) that can be directly viewed or downloaded
      * Link to "Ask a Librarian" and other services at your library
* Post your review of an item, or contribute factual information about it."

"African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is the world's largest and pre-eminent collection of peer-reviewed, African-published scholarly journals." Some articles are available in full-text as well.

Philippine Journals Online 
"Philippines Journals OnLine (PhilJOL) is a service to provide access to Philippine published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship."

PhilPapers is a comprehensive directory of online philosophy articles and books by academic philosophers. We monitor journals in many areas of philosophy, as well as archives and personal pages. We also accept articles directly from users, who can provide links or upload copies. Some features require that you sign in first, but creating an account is easy and free.

Ethics Education Library
"The Ethics Education Library is a collection of resources for scholars and university administrators interested in developing ethics training and instruction programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students.
Focusing on ethics in engineering and science, the Ethics Education Library includes materials in the following areas:
•    Case Study Collection- of ethics cases searchable by subject area, discipline, and audience level.
•    Examples and Best Practices - descriptions of successful ethics instruction methods and programs developed by instructors and universities from around the U.S and world.
•    Pedagogical Materials - methods for inserting ethics into class curricula and lab meetings, introductions on how to teach ethics and discussions of major ethical issues in engineering and science.
•    Evaluation and Assessment Methods for measuring the effectiveness of ethics training, and the growth of ethical awareness in students."

Online Enzyklopädien

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
This is an encyclopedia of Philosophy, freely available online: "From its inception, the SEP was designed so that each entry is maintained and kept up to date by an expert or group of experts in the field. All entries and substantive updates are refereed by the members of a distinguished Editorial Board  before they are made public. Consequently, our dynamic reference work maintains academic standards while evolving and adapting in response to new research. You can cite fixed editions that are created on a quarterly basis and stored in our Archives (every entry contains a link to its complete archival history, identifying the fixed edition the reader should cite). The Table of Contents  lists entries that are published or assigned. The Projected Table of Contents  also lists entries which are currently unassigned but nevertheless projected."

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy: A Peer-Reviewed Academic Resource   
"The purpose of the IEP is to provide detailed, scholarly information on key topics and philosophers in all areas of philosophy. The Encyclopedia is free of charge and available to all users of the Internet world-wide. The present staff of 25 editors and approximately 200 authors hold doctorate degrees and are professors at colleges and universities around the world, most notably from the United States, Great Britain, and Australia. The submission and review process of articles is the same as that with printed philosophy journals, books and reference works. The authors are specialists in the areas in which they write, and are frequently leading authorities. Submissions are peer reviewed by specialists according to strict criteria."

Wikipedia and Category:Ethics in Wikipedia
"The free encyclopedia anyone can edit."
You can find a special section on Ethics referencing all articles in Wikipedia that are dealing with ethics : "This category puts articles relevant to well-known ethical (right and wrong, good and bad) debates and decisions in one place - including practical problems long known in philosophy, and the more abstract subjects in law, politics, and some professions and sciences. It lists also those core concepts essential to understanding ethics as applied in various religions, some movements derived from religions, and religions discussed as if they were a theory of ethics making no special claim to divine status.
The category also includes articles on non-ethics topics or fictional works or part of works that include a substantial ethical debate."

Online Buchgeschäfte

Amazon is the biggest bookshop online.

Online Vorlesungen

OEDb Open Education Database

Spezialisierte Suchmaschinen und Web-Verzeichnisse

Use this kind of tool if you are looking for websites and web-resources

Google Scholar
Google scholar is a search engine that will search the web exclusively for academic resources.

"BASE is the name of the multi-disciplinary search engine for academically relevant web resources which was created and developed by Bielefeld University Library. It is based on search technology provided by FAST Search &  Transfer, a Norwegian company."

The WWW Virtual Library
"The WWW Virtual Library (VL) is the oldest catalogue of the Web, started by Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of HTML and of the Web itself, in 1991 at CERN in Geneva. Unlike commercial catalogues, it is run by a loose confederation of volunteers, who compile pages of key links for particular areas in which they are expert; even though it isn't the biggest index of the Web, the VL pages are widely recognised as being amongst the highest-quality guides to particular sections of the Web."

« Globalia est la sélection de sites Internet sur les questions Nord/Sud des centres de documentation d'Alliance Sud. Elle aborde les grands enjeux mondiaux au-travers de neuf grandes thématiques, de l'agriculture aux questions sociales en passant par le développement et l'économie. Tous les sites répertoriés dans Globalia sont choisis, décrits et indexés par les documentalistes. »

BELL : The Business Ethics Links Library
"Scope: BELL is a comprehensive starting point for research in corporate ethics and social responsibility. The database provides access to codes of ethics for U.S. companies and trade and professional associations, ethics sites at college and university business programs, industry information resources, and company promotion of social responsibility covering such topics as arts assistance, environmental clean up, charitable giving and community programming."