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Library tip: How to subscribe to new content in the Library

You want to stay up to date with the latest publications in the field of your research? Watch our latest tutorial on how to subscribe to the hundreds of collections and/or journals of the Library!   Weiterlesen »

New Journal: Ethik und Gesellschaft

Ethik und Gesellschaft ist eine Zeitschrift im Internet; eine Zeitschrift zu Themen der theologischen Sozialethik; eine Zeitschrift mit Beiträgen, die Probleme und Interessen der politischen Gestaltung von gesellschaftlichen Verhältnissen bearbeiten und dabei den Ansprüchen wissenschaftlichen Argumentierens genügen; eine Zeitschrift, die interdisziplinär ausgerichtet ist und folglich auch...   Weiterlesen »

Human Rights Reading List

On the 10 December 2020, the world will celebrate Human Rights Day. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to education. At, we believe that it's linked to having equal access to knowledge resources. For this reason, the Librarians have prepared a reading list on human rights and human rights education. The documents...   Weiterlesen »

New Journal: Swiss Journal of Educational Research

The Swiss Journal of Educational Research contributes to the development of educational sciences by promoting the exchange of research results and strengthening the relationships between universities and non-university-based institutions.   Weiterlesen »

New Journal: Judaica New Digital Series

Judaica [New Digital Series], also referred to as JNDF is successor journal to Judaica, publishing articles in German, French and English. The scientific journal peer-reviews all areas of Jewish Studies from antiquity to modernity, and is published twice a year.   Weiterlesen »
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