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null Making education inclusive, equitable and diverse: new Academy course pricing

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash is pleased to announce a new pricing structure for our Academy courses!

In line with our values-based mission to integrate ethics in higher education and make education more diverse, inclusive, and equitable, we have decided to align the cost of our Course Certifications with the World Bank Development Indicators.

This means that instead of our Certificates costing a flat rate of 300 USD for everyone, the price will now be adjusted depending on where in the world the course participant lives. Learners from lower-income regions will pay less than learners from higher-income regions, as designated on the World Bank map below. It remains completely free to take part in our online courses without certification.


The world by income

Find your country's income classification on the World Bank's interactive map.

Source: World Bank

Contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals

By adjusting our course prices, we are providing more equitable and inclusive access to the Academy. This contributes to achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal #4: ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

New course certificate pricing structure

Country income
Course price
Christmas discount
course price
High income300 USD249.99 USD
Upper-middle income250 USD199.99 USD
Lower-middle income150 USD99.99 USD
Low income100 USD49.99 USD


How to benefit from the new course prices

Once you’ve chosen which course(s) you want to take part in, simply click the “Register now” button and you’ll be taken to the registration page. There, you’ll have to select your course and your country income classification according to the World Bank Map, before following the instructions to complete your registration and payment, either via PayPal or bank transfer.

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