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Call for Paper: International Symposium on Bioethics - Deadline: 15 November

The IES were set up in 2006. They are a series of international symposia organised by the European Centre for Ethics Teaching and Research at the University of Strasbourg.   Weiterlesen »

Appel à articles, Revue Éthique publique - 15 juillet

Appel à articles - Penser l’ouverture des frontières : les défis éthiques   Weiterlesen »

Our New Indonesian Publications - Now Available!

Two new Indonesian Publications are now available! Both are available below and  on our Publications Page for you to download for free, or you can order printed versions from Amazon! ...   Weiterlesen »

Caux Conferences 2014 - 30 June-13 August

Initiatives of Change (IofC) is a world-wide movement of people of diverse cultures and backgrounds, who are committed to the transformation of society through changes in human motives and...   Weiterlesen »

Call for papers: Philosophy and Public Issues -15 June

While it seems obvious that crimes ought to be punished, there is less consensus on the function of punishment. Is punishment meant to provide a retribution for the offense, to deter potential...   Weiterlesen »

Workshop: Environment and Law - 5 June

As we live and enjoy the benefits of science and technology, there is a growing awareness that the quality of life is progressively declining and the world peace and even the very existence of life...   Weiterlesen »

Appel à textes: Penser l’ouverture des frontières, les défis éthiques - 15 Juillet

Les réfugiés, les demandeurs d’asile, les migrants en situation irrégulière et les personnes déplacées à l’intérieur d’un pays font régulièrement face à des obstacles majeurs tant pour accéder à la...   Weiterlesen »

Atelier: Veille citoyenne sur le respect du droit à la vie privée au Bénin

Un atelier pour renforcer les capacités des acteurs de la société civile en matière de respect du droit à la vie privée, de protection des données à caractère personnel et d’usage de la biométrie...   Weiterlesen »

DIALOGO 2014: The 1st Virtual International Conference on the Dialogue between Science and Theology - Deadline 5 October

The annual “DIALOGO” CONFERENCES promote reflection and research on important public issues to which Christian theology can make a helpful contribution and is essential in the relation between...   Weiterlesen »

Call for Papers: Building Good Governance/Combating Corruption - Deadline 15 June

Many nations are experiencing rapid growth and development that requires bold, visionary, and above all, ethical leadership.   Weiterlesen »
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