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Other organisations and resources related to global ethics


Global Ethic Foundation for Intercultural and Interreligious Research, Education and Encounter
The aim of the Global Ethic Foundation is to carry out, encourage, enable and implement intercultural and interreligious research and education encounters. Founder and president is Professor Hans Küng. The Foundation is at the origin of the well-known 1993 Declaration Toward a Global Ethic and of the 2009 Manifesto Global Economic Ethic.

Global Ethics and Religion Forum
The Global Ethics and Religion Forum is an educational, non-profit NGO dedicated to increasing global ethical responsibility. The Forum promotes global ethical responsibility by addressing specific issues such as human rights and responsibilities, war and reconciliation, race and gender, globalization and economic justice, ecological ethics and global medical issues through an intercultural and interreligious approach.

Carnegie Council Global Ethics Network
The Carnegie Council is establishing partnerships with educational institutions around the world to create the Global Ethics Network, a group that engages in non-partisan, interactive education about global issues.


Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry, Ghent University
The Center for Ethics and Value Inquiry welcomes the growing awareness of the moral implications of the globalizing process and wants to contribute to it actively by promoting critical research into political, economical, social and cultural issues.

Center for Global Ethics, George Mason University
The Center for Global Ethics furthers GMU's focus on global education and research. It brings needed attention to the values and norms that inevitably play a role in the search for knowledge and the devising of public policy.

Center for Global Ethics, Temple University
The Center for Global Ethics coordinates the work of thinkers, scholars and activists from around the world, who are working to define, implement and promote policies of responsible global citizenship. As profoundly interconnected members of a global community, it recognizes the need to develop and advance the acceptance of a viable and sustainable global ethic.

Centre for the Study of Global Ethics, University of Birgmingham
The Centre for the Study of Global Ethics was founded in 2001, and was the first of its kind in the UK. It was set up to address the practical and theoretical issues raised by globalization. It si multidisciplinary in approach, as its core belief is that issues which we face today cannot be solved within, e.g. economics, politics or philosophy alone.

Global Ethics University
The Global Ethics University is an online ethics and compliance-training provider for both individuals and corporations.

International Global Ethics Association, Ghent University
IGEA is an interdisciplinary and transnational collaborative learning community in which the interplay of theory and practice plays a predominant role. IGEA aims at a more comprehensive approach towards the moral and ethical issues of our time, through transnational and multidisciplinary research and exchange of expertise.

Network for Global Ethics and Human Rights, University of the West of England
The Network for Global Ethics and Human rights brings together people and organizations doing research or campaigning in this field. Its activities has a local, national and international character. It organizes public events and initiate bids for funding collaborative multidisciplinary research involving academics and civil society partners.

School for Applied Global Ethics, Leeds Metropolitan University
Applied Global Ethics is dedicated to the study of peace, conflict resolution, global development, politics, economics and international relations. It is a centre for teaching, research, consultancy and professional development in applied ethics in a global context, which seeks to address global issues and the ethical dilemmas associated with them. It is an ‘outside in' subject group, one that draws on the expertise of staff from across the University and which in turn reaches out across the University and communities to promote the importance of ethical reflection and global perspectives.

Non-Profit Initiatives:

Centre for Ethics | Building an Ethical Kenya
Centre for Ethics Kenya is a non Profit organization registered as a Trust supported by organizations and individuals who share a commitment to ethical values. The centre is dedicated to eradicate corruption, promoting and maintaining an ethical orientation and culture in Kenya and East Africa.

Institute for Global Ethics
The Institute for Global Ethics promotes ethical behavior in individuals, educators, corporations and government through research, public discourse, and practical action. See also the affiliates in the UK ( and Canada (

Penang Global Ethics Project
The Penang Global Ethic Project promotes the concepts of ‘World Religions' – Universal Peace – Global Ethic' by identifying them with Penang's traditions of religious tolerance and diversity.

United Nations Global Compact
The United Nations Global Compact is a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.

Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics
Founded in 1998, the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics focuses on building ethical competences in present and future decision makers in business, politics, and society. It intent is to increase awareness of social issues, foster open, transparent discussion, and offer possibilities of responsible action, involving individuals from politics, business, academia and faith based organizations as well as corporations and organizations.

Global Bioethics Initiative
Global Bioethics Initiative (GBI) is associated with the United Nations Department of Information (UNDPI). GBI is a not-for-profit organization co-founded in 2011 by Ana Lita, Ph.D. and Charles Debrovner, M.D. GBI is dedicated to fostering public awareness and understanding of bioethical issues, as well as to exploring solutions to bioethical challenges.


Carnegie Council Global Ethics Resources Corner
Created and managed by Senior Program Director and Senior Fellow William Vocke, the Carnegie Council Global Ethics Corner is a weekly 90-second segment devoted to newsworthy ethical issues.

Global Ethics Observatory, UNESCO
The Global Ethics Observatory is a system of databases with worldwide coverage in bioethics and other areas of applied ethics in science and technology such as environmental ethics, science ethics, and technology ethics.

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Global Ethics Forum 2009
The Global Ethics Forum is a global meeting to explore and discuss alternative ways to cope responsibly with the global socio-economic environment. The Forum is an opportunity to illustrate how some responsible leaders and their organizations have found creative strategies and effective initiatives to develop social innovation.

Global Ethics Summit 2009
Dow Jones and the Ethisphere Institute will team up for the 2009 Global Ethics Summit to offer critical and timely insight into one of the most challenging facets of conducting business abroad. By bringing together government and regulatory officials, FCPA attorneys and consultants, NGOs and nonprofit directors, corporate compliance officers and other top executives, this event encourages the sharing of best practices for navigating an increasingly complex global corporate landscape.