Working policies of Globethics.net

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Ethical Profile
The Ethical Profile policy document explains the specific ethical positioning of Globethics.net.

Terms of Service
The use of Globethics.net's products, services and Website is subject to the terms of a legal agreement between the user and Globethics.net.

Privacy Policy
The Private Policy document will familiarise you with the uses made of the personal data that you submit when registering as a participant and when using the resources available on our website.

Library Collection Policy
In order to have coherent and systematic content, the library staff follows the principles listed in this document when acquiring new content.

Research Partnership Principles
This paper discusses and gives some guidelines on the ethics of knowledge-sharing.

This paper describes the strategy and policies of Globethics.net publications and defines the character of each series.

Rules on Expenses and Compensation
Rules on Expenses and Compensation which apply to the Board of the Globethics.net Foundation.

Staff Rules and Regulations
Staff Rules and Regulations Policy explains the regulations which are applicable for Employed staff of Globethics.net.  

Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure Statement
This is the Conflict of Interest Annual Disclosure Statement for members of the Board and Committees of Globethics.net, the staff of Head Office, interns, mandate holders, associates, Regional Programme Directors and Programme Executives and national contacts.

Globethics.net is lucky to be able to count on the commitment of several interns and volunteers. This policy regulates the hiring of interns.