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Globethics publishes scholarly works of high quality in theological, philosophical and applied ethics. As a publishing house, Globethics is firmly committed to making its publications accessible to a broad audience in all parts of the world.

Latest publications


Global Series

Books on ethical issues with global relevance and contextual perspectives.

Education Ethics Series

Guidelines on ethics in education. The series has been conceived to appeal to students and professionals alike.

Education Praxis Series

Books highlighting concrete methods that enable readers to adopt a practical approach to the ethical dilemmas.

Focus Series

Books with a focus on a topical ethical issues written by academics and researchers.

Theses Series

Publication of doctoral thesis on ethics from the global South.

Praxis Series

Handbooks on practical ethics and educational tools.

Journal of Ethics in Higher Education (JEHE)

A new space on the Globethics platform for the publication of research on ethics in higher education in a scientific journal.

Worldwide co-publications

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Agape Foundation

Ethical business, values-driven investments and philanthropy

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Center for International Business Ethics

Ethics with a special focus on China

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Conference of European Churches

Two series, one focused on the Conference of European Churches and the other on ethical and theological perspectives in Europe and on human rights

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World Conference of Churches

Publications sharing the divers voices of global Christianity and enhancing the larger visibility and cultural presence of the ecumenical movement

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