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Publication of doctoral theses on ethics from the South.

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The Struggle for Women Empowerment Through Education

Mary Rose-Claret Ogbuehi: The Struggle for Women Empowerment Through Education

Author: Mary Rose-Claret Ogbuehi

ISBN: 978-2-88931-363-1

Series number: Theses Series
Publication: 2020

Women are subjected to all kinds of violence, such as rape, forced marriage, forced identity, dependence, and a lack of freedom of expression, giving rise to the status of women as second-class citizens. Despite this gloomy picture, women across cultures agree that this denigration can only be stopped and reversed if those who are victims are educated so that they can discuss the problems, proper solutions, and see to their implementation. Many female authors write about the trauma that women undergo and the various ways in which women are marginalized in a male-dominated society. This thesis is based on novels by two female authors, Second Class Citizen (1974) by Buchi Emecheta from Ibuzo, Nigeria, and Das verborgene Wort (2001) by Ulla Hahn from Kirchhundem, Sauerland, Germany. It critically discusses the subjugation of women and violence against them through the prism of the novels' main characters.


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