African Journal on Conflict Resolution
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Pervasive intra-party conflicts in a democratising Nigeria: Terrains, implications, drivers and options for resolution
The challenges of power-sharing and transitional justice in post-civil war African countries: Comparing Burundi, Mozambique and Sierra Leone
Linking governance and xenophobic violence in contemporary South Africa
State fragility and conflict nexus: Contemporary security issues in the Horn of Africa
Book review: A Theory of Mediators’ Ethics: Foundations, rationale, and application
Boko Haram insurgency and the necessity for trans-territorial forestland governance in the Lower Lake Chad Basin
The proposed hybrid court for South Sudan: Moving South Sudan and the African Union to action against impunity
Memorialisation as an often neglected aspect in the consolidation of transitional justice: Case study of the Democratic Republic of the Congo
Celebrating the centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth and his nationalist humanist vision
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