Business Ethics
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Mediation role of responsible innovation between CSR strategy and competitive advantage: Empirical evidence for the case of Saudi Arabia enterprises
Corporate social responsibility, overconfident CEOs and empire building: Agency and stakeholder theoretic perspectives
Lie of the weak: Inconsistent corporate social responsibility activities of Chinese zombie firms
La responsabilidad social corporativa en las PYMES Naturaleza del PFM: trabajo de investigación
Dissecting the CSR-HRM nexus: A study of changes and challenges for HR professionals in socially responsible corporates
Should Corporations Have a Purpose?
Standardization of corporate social responsibility reporting using the GRI framework
Finding a new prince for management science: The antithesis to the Machiavellian Prince
L’entreprise comme communauté ?
EU und Zentralasien: gemeinsam für mehr Nachhaltigkeit; konkrete Projekte zu Energie, Landwirtschaft, Stadtentwicklung und Start-ups
1 2 3 . . . 4270