Canadian Journal of Learning and Technology
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Open Educational Resources in Canada 2020
Use of Learning Objects for Computer Programming-Based Problem Solving
Online Learning: Practices, Perceptions, and Technology
Does the Association of Social Media Use with Problematic Internet Behaviours Predict Undergraduate Students Academic Procrastination?
The High Potential of Computer-Based Reading Assessment
Teaching, learning, literacy in our high-risk high-tech world: A framework for becoming human, 2017. By J. P. Gee. Teachers College Press. 184 pages. ISBN 978-0-8077-5860-1
An Analysis of Discipline and Personality in Blended Environments: Do they interact differently in the teaching, cognitive, and social presences?
Pensée informatique dans les salles de classe: Une étude d'un PD pour les enseignants STEM dans les écoles à besoins élevés
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