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Originally published under the title Quarterly notes on Christianity and Chinese religion since 1957, Ching Feng journal is one of the major publications of the Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture (CSCCRC), Chung Chi College, Shatin, Hong Kong, by which it seeks to promote critical and constructive studies of all aspects of Chinese Christianity, Chinese religion and culture, and inter-religious dialogue between Christianity and other religious traditions in Asia.


ISSN: 0009-4668


The library contains articles of Ching Feng as from vol. 4(2003) to current with a one year embargo.


Christian Study Centre on Chinese Religion and Culture CSCCRC. All rights reserved.


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  • Ökumene
  • Kontextuelle Theologien und interkultureller theologischer Dialog
    • Asiatische Theologie
  • Vergleichende Religionswissenchaft und interreligiöser Dialog
  • Theologie allgemein oder weiteres