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This collection includes all volumes published by Regnum Books International (Oxford Centre for Mission Studies) in its Edinburgh Centenary series. See below DQ5 Regnum Edinburgh 2010 (Centenary) Series.


The Centenary of the World Missionary Conference, of 1910, held in Edinburgh, is a suggestive moment for many people seeking direction for Christian mission in the 21st century. Several different constituencies within world Christianity are holding significant events around 2010. Since 2005 an international group has worked collaboratively to develop an intercontinental and multi-denominational project, now known as Edinburgh 2010, and based at New College, University of Edinburgh. This initiative brings together representatives of twenty different global Christian bodies, representing all major Christian denominations and confessions and many different strands of mission and church life, to prepare for the Centenary.

Essential to the work of the Edinburgh 1910 Conference, and of abiding value, were the findings of the eight think-tanks or ‘commissions'. These inspired the idea of a new round of collaborative reflection on Christian mission – but now focussed on nine themes identified as being key to mission in the 21st century. The study process is polycentric, open-ended, and as inclusive as possible of the different genders, regions of the world, and theological and confessional perspectives in today's church. The titles of the Edinburgh 2010 Series are divided into two categories: (1) the three official titles of Edinburgh 2010, and (2) publications of various study groups, including the Edinburgh 2010 main study groups, transversal, regional and different confessional study groups.... (Read more


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DQ Edinburgh 2010 Collection

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DQ5 Regnum Edinburgh 2010 (Centenary) Series


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DQ Edinburgh 2010 Collection

DQ1 Edinburgh 2010 Study Process

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           DQ231 "Mission in Long Perspective"

           DQ232 Foundations for Mission

           DQ233 "Mission Worldwide"

           DQ234 Mission and Power

           DQ235 Theological Education and Formation

           DQ236 Mission and Postmodernities

           DQ237 Christian Communities in Contemporary Contexts

           DQ238 Mission Spirituality and Authentic Discipleship

DQ24 Edinburgh 2010 Common Call

DQ25 Other documents and reflections

DQ3 Edinburgh 2010 worship material

DQ4 Material about Edinburgh 2010

DQ5 Regnum Edinburgh 2010 (Centenary) Series

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