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Règlement judiciaire des conflits électoraux: Précis de droit comparé africain

Ambroise Katambu Bulambo

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Focus 59

Résilience et transformation des conflits dans les États des Grands Lacs africains

Bosco Muchukiwa Rukakiza

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EE No 8

Leadership with Integrity: Higher Education from Vocation to Funding

Christoph Sückelberger, Joseph Galgalo, Samuel Kobia (Eds.)

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CEC No 7

Places of Worship and Holy Sites in Europe and the Middle East

Elizabeta Kitanovic and Patrick Roger Schnabel (Eds.)

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African Law No. 7 Vol 2

Droits, libertés et devoirs de la personne et des peuples en droit international africain, Tome II

Pascal Mukonde Musulay 

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African Law No. 6 Vol 1

Droits, libertés et devoirs de la personne et des peuples en droit international africain, Tome I

Pascal Mukonde Musulay 

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Agape No 5

圣商灵粮 Daily Bread for Christians in Business

Moses C.

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These No. 37 book cover

Missional Encounter: Approach for Ministering to Invisible Peoples

Paul K. Musolo W'Isuka

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Global Series


Books on ethical issues with global relevance and contextual perspectives.

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Education Ethics Series

Education Ethics

Guidelines on ethics in education. The series has been conceived to appeal to students and professionals alike.

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Education Praxis Series


Education Praxis

Books highlighting concrete methods that enable readers to adopt a practical approach to the ethical dilemmas.

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Focus Series


Books with a focus on a topical ethical issues written by academics and researchers.

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Thesis Series


Publication of doctoral thesis on ethics from the global South.

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Praxis Series


Handbooks on practical ethics and educational tools.

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Text Series


Short statements and recommendations, some adopted by Advisory Board.

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African Law Library

African Law

Books on African Law and Governance.

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China Christian Series

China Christian

Books on Christian ethics from the contextual perspective of China.

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China Ethics Series

China Ethics

Books on ethics with a special focus on China.

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CEC Series


A co-publication with the Conference of European Churches at

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CEC Flash

CEC Flash

Booklets focusing on ethical and theological perspectives in Europe and on human rights.

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Readers Series


Life-long contribution by keynote experts in the form of a simple and easily shareable handbook.

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Deepenen your understanding of important philosophers' work, through the unique insight of each author.

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Ethical Sieve Series

Ethical Sieve

Each book volume in this series is the result of an essay competition on applied ethics. 

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Padeira Series


Focus of this series is education, its structures and institutional support in developing countries, educational cooperation and the promotion of children's rights.

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A series focused on ethical business, values-driven investments and philanthropy in a global perspective.

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Co- publications

Co-publications or standalone books.

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Conference reports: summaries as well as sophisticated recommendations and projects for action.

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Publishing with has helped promote my research about women in Rwanda to a larger audience. Dr Mukabera, Professor, Rwanda Protestant Institute of Art and Social Science

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A place to promote ethical reflection, encourage diversity, work for equal consideration, provide a platform for authors, and empower fair publishing for Ph.D. theses from the global South.


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