Conference 2011: Speakers Info

Michel Aguilar
Ethics Representative of the European Union of Buddhists at the Council of Europe, France
Michel Aguilar is a French consultant for dignity and ethics in work since 25 years. He teaches Ethics and Business at the Compiègne University in France. He is the administrator of the French Buddhist Union and responsible of Ethics. Michel is also the representative of the European Buddhist Union at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg.



Anders Aspling
GRLI - Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (Sweden)
Anders Aspling is Secretary General of the Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI) and Senior Adviser of EFMD (European Foundation for Management Development). He received his Ph.D. degree from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Anders was senior vice president of organisational and human resource development for Siab (today NCC),  president, dean and managing director of the Swedish Institute of Management (IFL), and a  senior associate of the MiL Institute. He recently served as dean of the Vlerick Leuven Gent Management School in Belgium.



Nadia Balgobin
Sustainable Business & Public Sector Management Consultant, Switzerland
Nadia Balgobin holds a Postgraduate in Business Excellence from the University of Applied Sciences, Lausanne and a degree in Political Science from the University of Geneva. Her field of expertise is Business Ethics, Management Organisation, M&E, TQM & Sustainable Development. Previously, she spent 13 years at SGS Headquarters in Geneva in the Consumer Products Division as a Key Account Manager and in the Legal Department where she spearheaded a 3-year compliance programme in 180 countries. Since 2002, Nadia has been working as an independent consultant providing Technical Assistance on government programmes, advising Multinationals, SMEs and NGOs in Francophone countries. Nadia is a member of the Advisory Board of Transparency International Switzerland.
Rechad Balgobin
Business Law Consultant and Researcher
Rechad Balgobin holds an LLB Hons. London and a Post Graduate in Business Law & International Trade. He co-lectures on best legal practices in International Trade at the European Institute for Purchasing Management. His field of research are on Regulatory Laws and Policies, Ethics and Governance issues in different financial regimes. For decades he had been involved in active politics from grassroots' level to national  in Mauritius, managing political campaigns, policy making and implementation and enlisting popular support/transfer of ownership to social stakeholders. From 1990 to 2001 he has been counselling Ministers. Rechad Balgobin started his career in the field of education and has contributed in addressing social school concerns at primary level.

Aliou Barry
General Director of Stat View International, Guinea
Aliou Barry is the General Director of Stat View International, Sub-Saharan African NGO specialized in investigations, Monitoring and Evaluation. He is also President of the Electoral Process monitoring and evaluation Commission at the National Transitional Council in Guinea. Mr Barry holds two M.A degrees from the University of Conakry in natural sciences and governance. He recently participated in PhD Courses on governance at the Maastricht Graduate School of Governance in Netherlands. Mr. Barry also participates actively in ReseauReFID, an NGO network working closely with the International Francophone Organisation and Transparency International to promote integrity and sustainable development.


Celeste Cornu
SGS Group Social Responsibility Solutions Manager for Southern Europe, France
Celeste Cornu is the SGS Group Social Responsibility Solutions Manager for Southern Europe and Head of SGS CSR Technical Committee which supports auditors and consultants through the SGS network. Since 2008, she is responsible for the development of anti-corruption services through auditor training and capacity monitoring. Celeste was a former Social Responsibility Manager at Decathlon. In 2000, she worked for the French Prime Minister Office in producing the Education to Human Rights report for the United Nations. Celeste's educational background is complementary, from philiosophy, law to business administration.
Orlando de la Vega
President of ALENE, Chile
Prof. Dr. Orlando de la Vega is the current President of ALENE for the period 2010-2011 and the Deputy-Director of the Business School of Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, Chile. He holds a PhD from the Universidad de Navarra, Spain. His field of research is Corporate Governance. He actually teaches strategy and business ethics in both undergraduate and graduate courses in Chile and Argentina. He has written some publications on Corporate Governance, and is on the point of publishing his first book on "Corporate Governance and Conflict of Interest". He also holds some Directorship positions in different firms and foundations.
A. Usama deLorenzo
Associate Partner with Praesidium LLP, Dubai
A. Usama DeLorenzo holds a Postgraduate in the Capital Markets. He is an Associate Partner with Praesidium LLP and is specialized in Islamic Finance in Dubai. DeLorenzo has experience in Capital Markets working with Funds, Brokerages, Consultancies and Regulators. Formerly, DeLorenzo was in the IT industry working with both the Private and Public Sector entities. 
Michel Doucin
Ambassador for Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, France
Michel Doucin is an economist and a French career diplomat. He is actually the Ambassador for Bioethics and Corporate Social Responsibility, and an associate professor at the University Paris Sud. He holds a doctorate in Political Science from ENA. As a diplomat, he had responsibilities in development aid, and cooperation in cultural policy. He had been the Honorary Consul in Italy and Germany, the Secretary General of the High Council for International Cooperation (Office of the Prime Minister) and French Ambassador for Human Rights. His publications are «Guide to the Freedom of Association in the World",Editions de la Documentation Française (2007), and "NGOs, the Contrepouvoir? " Editions Toogezer.
Mark Drewell
CEO Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI), Belgium
Mark Drewell, born in UK   and living in South Africa since 1989 is a a senior associate of the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, Chairman of the Swedish-based World's Children's Prize for the Rights of the Child Foundation, and a director and co-founder of Cape Town-based deep sustainability asset management company. Mark has served as Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board of the University of South Africa's Centre for Corporate Citizenship; Chairman of the Endangered Wildlife Trust; Chairman of the board of Imhoff Waldorf School, Cape Town and twice on the board of San Francisco headquartered International Association of Business Communicators. Since 2010 he had been appointed CEO of the GRLI's.



Hans-Peter Egler
Head of Section of Trade Promotion, Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Switzerland
Hans-Peter EGLER, is the Head of Section of Trade Promotion since 2001 within SECO's Economic Cooperation and Development Division, and is responsible for trade-related technical cooperation, including environmental and social standards. Two years before he served as Deputy Head Trade Promotion and his previous main responsibility was the development of new investment promotion measures and export financing opportunities for Latin America, Asia and Africa. Mr Egler also served as Deputy Coordinator in the SDC/DEZA Office in Bolivia and was in charge of bilateral trade relations between Switzerland and Latin America. He holds a MA in Political Science and Business Administration from the University of Berne.
Ram Etwareea
Reporter, Le Temps, Switzerland

Ram Etwareea holds a Bachelor degree in Commerce from University of Bombay and a Certificate in Studies of International Organizations from the University of Lausanne. He is specialized in World Trade, International Economic and Financial Organizations, International Relations, Emerging Economies, Globalization and Change. Since 1999, Ram has been a Reporter at "Le Temps", a Political, Economic and Business daily in Geneva and is attached to the Economic Section. Previously, he worked as an Editor at InfoSud, a news agency in Lausanne, specialized in Development Issues, North-South Relations and Global Affairs. Ram worked in Mauritius as a Copywriter for an Advertising Company and as a Reporter at "Le Militant" a daily. 

Jean-Loup Feltz
Technical Advisor to the Director General of French Development Agency (AFD), France
Jean-Loup Feltz holds a Master in Management and Degrees in Public Law and Sociology as well as a Certificate in Political and Social Economy. Jean-Loup lectures at Sciences-Po, Lille and CERDI. Jean-Loup has conducted some CSR Research and has been advisor to the Director General of AFD on a "CSR Initiative". Jean-Loup is currently the Technical Advisor to the Director General of AFD. Formerly, he was a advisor to the President of the Republic of the Comoros. He is the author of numerous articles and reviews and is the co-author of two books on "Europe and Globalization".
Catherine Ferrier
Coordinator CAS in CSR, University of Geneva, Switzerland
Dr Catherine Ferrier, PHd holder from the University of Geneva in Social Sciences in 2007. Her fields of research were on European and International Affairs. Her research areas and teaching were on environmental policies, incl. water, climate change, biodiversity and economic instruments. She is the Scientific Collaborator and CAS in CSR at the University of Geneva. In 2008, she developed the launching programme which encompassed: CSR Summer Course, CSR Lunches and an Alumni association. She trains and lectures on environmental polices in Masters and advanced education programmes at various Universities in Switzerland and France.
Bettina Ferdman-Guerrier
Founder & CEO, Philias (Switzerland)
Bettina Ferdman Guerrier is founder and CEO of Philias that was created in 1997. The aim of this foundation is to promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In 2000, she won the prize of "social entrepreneurship" awarded by AIESEC, an international association. She contributed to the publication of the book "Thinking Ethics", published by Beth Krasna in 2005 (Profile Books Ltd). She supports young entrepreneurs through the Genilem Association. Bettina is a member of the Swiss jury of the Social Entrepreneurship Award of the Schwab Foundation. Since 2009, she represents Europe within the Partner Advisory Group – International CSR360 Network, of which Philias is a member.
Eba Franck
Sustainable Development Manager, Groupe SIFCA, Ivory Coast
Eba Franck Adingra, Côte d'Ivoire national, obtained his PHd in Engineer Science in 1996 from the University of Science and Technologies of Besançon (France) and graduated in Business Administration from the Business and Management School of Abidjan in 2006. He began his career at Polypompes Ivoire Co., as Hydraulics and Irrigation Business Engineer in 1997. In 2002, he joined UNIWAX CO. In 2007, he became the Sustainable Development Manager of the Group SIFCA, leader in agribusiness in West Africa. He coordinates the Group's CSR Process over 7 subsidiaries. He was trained as Health and Safety, OHSAS 18001 and Environment, ISO 14001 Auditor. His first publication is the first Sustainable Development Report of the Group in Côte d'Ivoire (2008-2009).
Christian Frutiger
Global Public Affairs Manager, Nestlé SA, Switzerland
Christian Frutiger, Swiss and British dual nationality is a graduate of the University of Geneva and also holds an Executive Master of Science in Communications Management from the University of Lugano. He is the Global Public Affairs Manager at Nestlé since 2007. M. Frutiger holds responsibilities in handling human rights issues, relations with major humanitarian and development organizations, participates in the UN Global Compact, as well as Public Affairs communications in French and German. He also manages the Nestlé Water Taskforce. Previously he worked for the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
Walter Fust
President of, Switzerland
Walter Fust is the President of He studied public administration at the University of St. Gallen and had a diplomatic career serving at the Swiss Embassies in Baghdad and Tokyo. He subsequently assumed various functions in the Swiss Federal Administration and in the private sector. He was managing director of the Swiss Trade Promotion Office (OSEC) and Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior. He headed the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) for 15 years. He holds mandates in the UN (Broadband Commission ITU/UNESCO, Committee of Experts on Public Management (CEPA)). He furthermore serves on the Board of a number of international institutions (Coalition for Dialogue on Africa, Forum of Federations, International Risk Governance Council/IRGC, Library of Alexandria, etc) and national foundations.
David S. Gerber
Head of Financial Market Policy, State Secretariat of the Department of Finance, Switzerland
David S. Gerber is the Head of Financial Market Policy in the State Secretariat of the Swiss Department of Finance. Among others, he coordinates regulation projects for strengthening the financial system and closely observes international developments. He was directly involved in the crisis management during the financial crisis. Before joining the Federal Administration, he worked for a big bank. He holds a PhD in Economics and his thesis is on pension scheme.
Veronique Goy Veenhuys
Founder and CEO of equal-salary, Switzerland
Véronique Goy Veenhuys holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Geneva and an EMBA from Haute Ecole de Gestion de Neuchâtel. Veronique is the founder and CEO of equal-salary, a certification for equal compensation between women and men, a practical solution for companies that want to check and promote their fair wages policy. Established in 2005, the certification equal-salary has been developed in collaboration with The Geneva University Employment Observatory - and SGS, world leader in certification and inspection services. The Swiss State has given its financially support.
Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda
General Secretary of YWCA, Switzerland
Nyaradzayi Gumbonzvanda holds a Master's degree in Private Law with specialization in Constitutional Property Law from the University of South Africa and completed post-graduate work on conflict resolution at Uppsala University, Sweden. She has been the World YWCA General Secretary since 2007. She has more than 10 years of experience with the United Nations, where she served as Regional Director for the United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) in Eastern and Horn Africa. She had previously worked as a human rights officer with UNICEF in Liberia and Zimbabwe. She is the founder of Rozaria Memorial Trust. She is an active member of women's organizations including the Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association.
Prabhu Guptara
Professor and former Director of Wolfsberg (UBS Think Tank), Switzerland
Prabhu Guptara is the William Carey University Distinguished Professor of Global Business, Management and Public Policy (India). Prabhu is a British Citizen, born and educated in India, having been based for years in Switzerland. He works worldwide and he is or has been Chairman, CEO or Board Member of several companies and organisations.  As Executive Director, Organisation Development, at one of the largest banks in the world, he had the unique job of working with people throughout the world to identify new ideas that could bring value to the company.  He continues to supervise PhD research and lecture to MBA classes, and is included in Debrett's People of Today. 
Johan Hattingh
President of Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa)
 Johan Hattingh is President of the Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa) since 2008. Johan is also Professor of Philosophy, and Vice Dean of Social Sciences at the University of Stellenbosch, South Africa where he has extensive experience in the teaching of a variety of subject fields, including Practical Logic and Critical Thinking Skills, Philosophy of Culture, and Poststructuralist Thought. He teaches also Business and Professional Ethics to students in Accounting, Business Management, and Engineering. He is specialized in Applied Ethics, Ideology Critique, Development Ethics, and particularly in Environmental Ethics. He is a member of three research ethics committees, and since 2004 is also a member of the World Commission on the Ethics of Scientific Knowledge and Technology (COMEST) of UNESCO where he serves on the Executive Board as Rapporteur.


Michael Hopkins
Chair and Partner of MHCi
Professor Michael Hopkins holds a PhD in Economics. His field of expertise is measurement, strategic CSR and international development. Previously he was with the ILO. He founded inter alia MHC International Ltd with a focus on CSR and labour markets worldwide as well as the Arabia CSR Awards and  CSR Advanced Certificate Course during the first semester of 2011. He has conducted two Summer courses on CSR with University of Geneva. He is the Director of Strategic CSR in a Global Marketplace jointly with Mason University, Washington DC and advises the USA Chamber of Commerce's Corporate Citizenship Programme. His most recent books were CSR Matters: The Planetary Bargain' and ‘CSR and International Development'.
Yvan Maillard
Programme Officer, Bread for All, Switzerland
Yvan Maillard earned a Master's degree at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) in Zurich (Switzerland) where he studied Environmental Sciences. He pursued postgraduate courses in  Finance, Management, Communication, Coaching and Ethics. Yvan is a guest lecturer in several Universities of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (Yverdon and Fribourg) where he teaches Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Communication. Yvan serves as a Programme Officer at Bread for all (the Development Service of Protestant Churches in Switzerland). He is in charge of International Finance, Corruption Prevention, Debts and Tax issues.
Toss Mukwa
Organizational Development Consultant, Switzerland
Toss Mukwa is a rural and agricultural sociologist, with a cultural anthropology background. He works as a Consultant in the field of Organisational Development with small and big/complex NGOs, Enterprises as well as with Local and International Networks. His areas of work are Lead Supervisions of Groups and Teams and Coaching of Managers and Leaders. Formerly, Toss was President of NGOs Development in DRC, Africa, North and South America.

David Nku Imbie
Senator, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC
Dr. David Nku IMBIE is presently the Senator in Kinshasa. Before, he had been the Governor for Kinshasa. He holds a MD from Kinshasa University; he also did a specialization course in Public Health. Since 1992, Dr. Imbie had been a key player for the Salvation Army for Africa.
Sarah W. Kimani
Director Research, Ethics Institute East Africa, Kenya
Sarah W. Kimani holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Marketing and a post graduate diploma in Sales and Marketing and a certificate in Salesmanship, Ethics Officer Certification Programme, Ethics management at work place and corruption prevention at workplace Training of Trainer from South Africa. She is a moralist and ethics & governance consultant with wide experience in management of Ethics and corruption prevention at work place. She is currently working as a Chief Executive Officer of Ethics Institute of East Africa in an acting capacity. She is involved in Training in both Public and private corporations as well. She also helps develop Code of Ethics for organizations and is engaged with research for Ethics in Kenya.
Lazare Ki-Zerbo
Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, France
Lazare Ki-Zerbo has studied philosophy with a focus on phenomenology. Since 2004 he works for the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie in Paris as project manager. His main fields of action are   peace, democracy and human rights. He is originally from Burkina Faso and completed his secondary education at Saint Louis in Senegal. Along with his duties, specifically relating to campaigns on Human Rights (Abolition of death penalty, prevention of torture, business and human rights, freedom of associations), Lazare is also interested in Social Science Research in Africa. He is a regular collaborator for the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and co-led in this context the volume on ‘Etudes Africaines de Géographies' published in 2009.
Nathalie Labourdette
Head of Training, European Broadcasting Union, Switzerland
Nathalie Labourdette has a background in Political Science, Business Law and Management, International Law). She is currently Head of EBU TRAINING since 1999 and built a strategy and a Brand « EBU TRAINING – A knowledge marketplace». She worked for the European Commission as Administrator in the Audiovisual Policy Unit. Nathalie is a member of the former «Media Literacy» Experts group (2006-2010) and "Audiovisual sector Social Dialogue Committee "to the European Commission, also member of ASBU (Arab States Broadcasting Union) Training centre Consultative Committee. She is also President of the EBU Pension Fund.  
Zora Ledergerber
Director and owner of Integrity Line GmbH, Switzerland
Dr Zora Ledergerber is director of Integrity Line GmbH and Advisory Board Member of Transparency International-Switzerland. She has experience in consulting organisations, businesses and public institutions on whistleblowing systems. Her 2005 doctorate thesis is on "Whistleblowing as a means to fight corruption" She has been mandated by UNDP to develop a knowledge product on implementing whistleblower legislation in the Arab region and is currently working on a whistleblowing project in Burundi. Her previous expertise includes: Business Ethics, participated in the Independent Inquiry Committee into the UN Oil-for-Food Program in Iraq, the Stability Pact Anti-Corruption Initiative, and the OECD Anti-Corruption Network for Transition Economies, Managing Director of Transparency International Switzerland.
Juneyoung Lee
Legal/Economic Officer, WTO, Switzerland
Juneyoung Lee is a legal/economic affairs officer in the Trade Policies Review Division of the World Trade Organization. She monitors and analyzes Regional Trade Agreements (RTA), and train government officials on issues arising from the RTAs.
Carlos Lopez
Senior Legal Advisor, International Commission of Jurists, Switzerland
Carlos Lopez joined the International Commission of Jurists in January 2008 to lead the programme on International Economic Relations- Business and Human Rights. Carlos previously worked at the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights for six years in various capacities and posts, including the Rule of Law and Democracy, Economic and social rights and the right to development. Before he worked for the ICJ (1998-1999), the Graduate Institute of International Studies in Geneva (2000) and for several international human rights organisations as well as national human rights NGOs in Peru. He holds a PhD and Masters in public international law (Graduate Institute of International Studies-Geneva University) and a Diploma on sociology studies. He obtained his law degree at the Catholic University of Peru.
Robert McNulty
Director of Programmes, Center of Business Ethics (CBE), USA
Robert McNulty is Director of programmes at the Center for Business Ethics (CBE), Bentley University, one of the oldest such centers in the world founded in 1976. For more than a decade and a half, the focus of McNulty's work has been ethics, both in its theoretical and applied forms. McNulty is responsible for managing many of CBE's educational and research programs. He is also the executive director of the NGO, Applied Ethics, whose PaxPopuli program is engaged in people-to-people peacemaking with Afghanistan. McNulty received a Master of International Affairs degree from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in philosophy and education also from Columbia. He received his bachelor's degree magna cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and a baccalaureate degree from a French Lycée in Paris.
Tim C. Mazur
Chief Operating Officer, Ethics and Compliance Officer Association ECOA, USA
Tim C. Mazur is COO of the Ethics and Compliance Officer Association (ECOA), a leading member organization serving members of ethics and compliance teams around the world. Previously, Tim was Vice President, Ethics, at Countrywide Financial Corporation. Tim joined Countrywide after serving as regional Ethics and Compliance Officer and regional Privacy Officer for Blue Cross Blue Shield. Tim is an ethicist with 25 years of experience managing ethics, compliance, and social responsibility issues in corporations, non-profits, and other organizations. Tim earned his M.B.A. degree in business economics and public policy at The George Washington University and a B.A. degree in political science at San Diego State University. Tim has delivered testimony to the US Sentencing Commission, worked with the U.S Congress and served as an expert in federal criminal case.
Jean-Pierre Méan
President of Transparency International Switzerland & Caux Initiatives of Change
Jean-Pierre Méan is a lawyer admitted to the bar in Quebec/Canada and in Switzerland. He has been General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of SGS, the Swiss inspection company from 1996 to 2008, with an interruption in 2002 and 2003 when he was Chief Compliance Officer of the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction in the UK. He is President of the Swiss Chapter of Transparency International and of the Board of Trustees of Caux Initiatives of Change and a member of the Anticorruption Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce.
Magali Modoux
Director of Certification of ETHICS, Switzerland

Dr. Magali Modoux holds a PhD in political sociology from IEP Paris, specialist in Latin-American political changes and in governance issues. Author of a book on Federalism and Democracy in Mexico (Paris: Karthala, 2006). Expert in complex management systems (consultant and trainer), lead auditor ISAS BCP 9001 (quality management applied to media companies) and ETHICS 21 (ethical management).She is also a lecturer in Media management at Aix-en-Provence University She is a member of ORBICOM, the international network of UNESCO chairs in communication. Magali is now the Director of Certification of ETHICS - Ethical Integrity Corporate Standards SA (Switzerland). 


Christoph Mueller
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Inrate

Christoph Mueller is a Political Economist. He has 15 years of experience in Sustainable Investment. He was in charge of an Investment Foundation and was Chairman of the Investment Committee Nest. He is a specialist in Investment Policy (tactical asset allocation) for institutional clients in Switzerland. He is also active in an independent consulting company (FourA). Previously, he was responsible of the sector „Konjunktur International" „Konjunkturforschungsstelle der ETH Zürich" (KOF). He worked as an Economist for a Private Bank in Zurich and as Fixed-Income Manager. Christoph is the Assistant at the Faculty of Economics of the University of Zurich where he has also an education and teaching position. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Inrate. 


Katrin Muff
Dean of Business School Lausanne 

Dr. Katrin Muff was appointed Dean of Business School Lausanne in 2008. Muff ensures real-life business direction at BSL by merging her entrepreneurial and corporate background with the academic world. In 2000, Muff co-founded Yupango, a coaching consultancy dedicated to developing start-up companies and training management teams. Prior to that, Muff was Director, Strategic Planning EMEA of IAMS Pet Food, a division of Procter & Gamble, in the Netherlands. Throughout the 90's, Muff held several positions for ALCOA (Aluminum Company of America), working in Moscow, Russia as General Manager for Building Systems International, in the United States as an Industry Analyst for Global Mergers & Acquisitions and in Switzerland as a Business Analyst for Europe. A Swiss native, Muff began her career with Schindler Lifts in Lucerne, then in Australia, and holds both a Doctoral and MBA degree from Business School Lausanne.

Thomas Myers
 Lawyer, USA
 Thomas Myers is a preeminent forensic accountant from the United States who has   lectured widely on Wall Street securities fraud in connection with the current credit  crisis. He has provided training for all of the major banking regulatory agencies, the  FBI, Secret Service, SEC, and the U.S. Attorney's office. He has testified before the U.S.  Congress on banking matters. The Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve  engaged Mr. Myers to chair a U.S. symposium on subprime structured finance  products
 Beatrice Ngoya
Entrepreneur, Republic Democratic of Congo
In 2007, Beatrice Ngoya obtained a degree in financial management at the Institut Supérieur de Commerce de Kinshasa, DRC. Since 2008 she had been participating in activities related to the development of Congolese women and promotion of the family. She assists NGOs and works under projects financed by the United Nations organizations in the DRC. Her main activities consist of the purchase and resale of various items ranging from apparel, food staples and household items.
Corneille Ntwamwenge
Researcher, CERIL, Democratic Republic of Congo, DRC
Corneille Ntamwenge is a member of the Order of Preachers and a researcher in Applied Ethics. He holds a PhD in Business Ethics and anti-corruption. He did his studies at the Catholic University of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, and the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. His field of research focuses primarily on church social teaching, business ethics, ethics in social organizations, the fight against corruption and the history of business transactions in Central Africa. Ntamwenge is currently a researcher at CERIL and GLA 2000, Kinshasa, and member of In 2010, he published an article on "Integrity in International Business Transactions in the twenty-first century", Ethics and Society Journal, Volume 6, Nos. 2 &3.
Richard Ondji'i Toung
Assistant to the Secretary General of EPC, Cameroun
ONDJI'I TOUNG Richard holds a Ph.D. in Economic Ethics at the University of Basel, Switzerland. His PhD Thesis was on «Economic Contribution of Ethics to review the external debt and poverty in the countries of the CEMAC" and wrote a book on «Ethical and economic external debt in the CEMAC countries. Richard is a Pastor, ASG and HR Director of the Presbyterian Church of Cameroon. He teaches Ethics in International, Trade, Standards and Quality Control at the Institute of International Relations of Cameroon. Richard is the Secretary General of the Interreligious and Interdisciplinary Center for Research in Ethics (CIIR) and Member of the Task fight against corruption to the Regulatory Agency Procurement (AGP).
Martin Peter
Programme Manager, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO, Switzerland
Martin Peter is responsible for the management of programmes in the areas of trade-related capacity building, trade standards (TBT/SPS), environmental and social standards as well as public procurement within SECO's Economic Cooperation and Development Division. Mr. Peter holds an MA in International Relations of the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva and MAS in Development and Cooperation of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich
Oshani Perera
Programme Officer, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Switzerland
Oshani holds a BSc in Business Administration from the University of St Gallen and Cornel University, MSc in Economic Planning from the University of Strathclyde, Scotland, and a MSc in Environment Technology from the Imperial College of Science Technology and Medicine, London. At IISD, Oshani's portfolios include investment incentives and investment policies, sustainable finance and sustainable public procurement. Her work covers corporate social responsibility, responsible investment, social impact assessments, sustainability standards, stakeholder consultation and the wider policy debate on sustainable globalisation. Previously, she worked with McKinsey Global Institute, KMPG Sustainability Services, UNEP Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (Paris) and as a freelance sustainability specialist. 
Chantal Peyer
Deputy Director Development Policy, Bread for All, Switzerland
Chantal Peyer is a Historian and Political Scientist.   She holds a Master's degree at the University of Lausanne, based on one year of field research in India. Her field of research was in «International Human Rights Law» at the Oxford University Summer School. Since 2007, she has lead the ‘High Tech – No Rights?' campaign in Switzerland which aims at improving the labour conditions on the computer manufacturing sector, especially in China, through consumer information as well as dialogue with different computer brands. Chantal has been very involved in 2011 in the campaign ‘One man's treasure is another man's sorrow: Mining and human rights.' Ms Peyer made several publications, namely: «High Tech – No Rights » A one Year Follow-Up Report on the labour conditions in the Electronic Hardware Sector in China», with Jenny Chan; and others on business rights.
Githa Roelans
Senior Specialist, Multinational Enterprises Programme,  International Labour Office (ILO), Geneva
Githa Roelans is senior specialist in the ILO's Multinational Enterprises Programme, promoting  responsible business practices based on the  ILO "Tripartite Declaration of Principles concerning multinational enterprises and social policy", including through collaboration with other international organizations, such as the UN Global Compact and OECD. She held previous positions in the ILO  in other Decent Work areas, namely  gender equality and the elimination of child labour. Before that, she was Advisor and Research Fellow on Corporate Social Responsibility in UNIDO's Beijing Office (China). Ms. Roelans  is a Belgian national and graduate of the University of Leuven, where she subsequently held research and management posts.
Peter Rossman
Director for Communications, International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Association (IUF), Switzerland
Peter Rossman is Californian by birth and has been with the IUF in Geneva, Switzerland since 1991 where he has been responsible for among other things communications, research and campaigns on transnational corporations, and the impact of world trade and finance on food rights and food security. He has been an advisor to the Party of European Socialists on issues of financial reform and regulation.  


Deon Rossouw
Professor, University of Pretoria (South Africa)
Dr. GJ (Deon) Rossouw is Professor and Head of the Philosophy Department and Director of the Centre for Business and Professional Ethics at the University of Pretoria. He was the Founding President of the Business Ethics Network of Africa (BEN-Africa) and a former President of the International Society of Business, Economics, and Ethics (ISBEE). He served on the Sustainability Committee of the Third King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa.


Stephan Rothlin
General Secretary, Center for International Business Ethics (CIBE), China 
Stephan Rothlin, born in Zurich, Switzerland, after completing his studies in philosophy, sociology, theology and ethics in various cities in Europe started teaching business ethics at the institute for empirical research in economics of the University of Zurich between 1992 and 1998. Since 1998 he moved to Beijing where he taught business ethics at various business schools of different Universities. Together with Chinese colleagues he founded the Center for International Business Ethics at the University of International Business and Economics, Beijing, in 2004 where he serves as Secretary General. His main research interest is the development of business ethics in the Chinese and Indian context. Dr. Rothlin teaches also regularly at the Faculty of Economics and Business of Hong Kong University and the INSEAD business school in Singapore. He assists companies operating in China to develop and implement Ethical codes.
Sibylle Rupprecht
CEO, International Road Federation, Switzerland
Sibylle Rupprecht holds a banking degree and a post-graduate diploma in not-for-profit management from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland. Having started her career in banking, she created her own firm specialising in management consultancy, strategic planning, financial management, fundraising and political lobbying for NGO's in 1990. From 1998 to 2004 Sibylle Rupprecht worked for Korn/Ferry International as a head-hunter for financial services and non-profit organisations/government posts. Sibylle has joined the International Road Federation in 2005 and was appointed Director General in 2007.
Mahmud Samandari
Director European Baha'i Business Forum (EBBF), Switzerland
Mahmud Samandari is a coach for startups at the Swiss Federal Commission for Technology and Innovation, CTI. He is a founder of the European Baha'i Business Forum (EBBF) and presently Chairman of its Board. A serial entrepreneur, he has started companies in the fields of Telecommunications and Education in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He has closely collaborated with the World Bank's Global Development Learning Network (GDLN). He holds a PhD in International Law from the Graduate Institute for International Studies of Geneva.
Mallika Sarabhai
Founder of Darpana for Development, Performer, Activist and Social Entrepreneur (India)

Dr Mallika Sarabhai calls herself a communicator with many languages - classical and contemporary dance, theatre, TV, films, writing and more. Director of Darpana, India's leading arts academy with a focus  on using the arts for social change and justice, she holds a Ph.D in Organizational Behaviour.

For over two decades she has used all her languages to fight against corruption, violence, child labour, environmental destruction and human rights violations and to empower and educate women and exploited populations to fight for their rights as Indian citizens. 


Betina Sarue
Public Policies Project Coordinator, Instituto ETHOS de Empresas et Responsibilidade Social, Brazil

Betina Sarue is a Journalist and social scientist, with specialization in political sciences at the University of São Paulo. She had worked in the executive secretariat of the ABRACCI (Brazilian Articulation Against Corruption and Impunity), and participated actively in the articulation role in the FichaLimpa (Clean Record) Campaign. She is currently the Public policies project coordinator at Ethos Institute for Business and Social Responsibility, working in the shaft for a responsible economy. Her main role is to coordinate public policies activities in the Clean Games Inside and Outside of the Stadium project, which aims to promote transparency and integrity for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil through collective action, social monitoring and control mechanisms.



André Schneider
CEO and Chairman of André Schneider Global Advisory, Switzerland
André Schneider is the CEO and Chairman of André Schneider Global Advisory. Previously he was with IBM and created an IT Consulting practice in Geneva working throughout Europe. Then he joined the World Economic Forum for 12 years where he set up the World's Leading Global Multi-stakeholder platform expanding it globally with a special emphasis in China & Middle-East.
Pavel Shashkin
General Secretary, Expert Council on Ethics and Economy under the Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia
Pavel Shashkin holds a PhD and a Master in Law from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (University) of the Russian Federation Foreign Ministry.   Expert Council ‘'Economy & Ethics" under Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia, Secretary Executive; State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, Adviser of the State Duma Vice-President; Club of Orthodox Businessmen, Secretary General.
 S.D. Shibulal
Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer and designated CEO, Infosys, India
S.D.Shibulal has a Master's degree in Physics from the University of Kerala and a MS in Computer Science from Boston University. He is one of the co-founders and member of the Board of Directors of Infosys Technologies Limited. He has played a pivotal role in the Infosys journey and a seminal role in the evolution of the Global Delivery Model. He is a member of several international forums, namely, the Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC), the International Board of Foundation,; the Global Corporate Governance Forum's Private Sector Advisory Group, the Board of Trustees, Boston. Since 2007, He is the Chief Operating Officer of Infosys.
Markus E. Schulz
Chief Compliance Officer Global Life & Group Financial Crime Officer
Zurich Insurance Company Ltd, Switzerland
Markus E. Schulz, Chief Compliance Officer Global Life & Group Financial Crime Officer Zurich Insurance Company Ltd. Previously he worked for 13 years at ABN AMRO Bank, Global Head Compliance Service Center and COO AML Compliance, as Corporate Senior Vice President and a member of the Global Compliance Management Team. He also served in a variety of senior in-country, Regional and Global management positions located in Germany, UK and the Netherlands for almost a decade. Markus also is a very frequent and regular presenter, panelist, key note speaker, moderator and chairman at Compliance, AML, Anti-Financial Crime and Anti-Fraud conferences in Europe, Middle-East and the US. Markus is also an Advisory Board member of ACAMS®, the well known Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists®.
Alejo José G. Sison
Professor, European Business Ethics Network EBEN, Spain  
Alejo José G. Sison is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Navarre. He is likewise Senior Fellow at the Institute for Enterprise and Humanism and the Center for Business and Society at IESE. He works on issues where ethics overlaps with economics, business and politics and analyzes them preferentially from a virtue perspective. His latest publications include "The Moral Capital of Leaders. Why Virtue Matters" (Edward Elgar 2003), which has been translated into Spanish and Chinese, and "Corporate Governance and Ethics. An Aristotelian Perspective" (Edward Elgar 2008). An EBEN Executive Committee Member since 2006, he became President in the 2009 Annual Conference in Athens.
Jacques Spelkens
Head of Department of Social Innovation, GDF Suez, France
Jacques graduated in Philosophy and Linguistics at the University of Brussels, and started his career as a University Professor in Belgium and the United-Sates. After a brief assignment with the European Commission in 2001, he joined the SUEZ Group in 2003 where he has been in charge of Communication and Languages for 5 years.
Since 2008, he's CSR Manager for Belgium and since 2010 he's also Head of the Department of Social Innovation (within the Directorate of Human Resources) at Corporate level for the Group GDF SUEZ in Paris. Jacques SPELKENS is still teaching CSR and Business Ethics at ICHEC (Brussels).
Vasanthi Srinivasan
Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship at IIMB, India
Vasanthi Srinivasan is the Director of the Centre for Corporate Governance and Citizenship at the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore and is Associate Professor in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources Management area at IIMB.  She is co-director of India. Her main areas of research are integrity and organizational character, leadership and ethics in decision making.

Christoph Stueckelberger 
Executive Director and Founder of (Switzerland)
Prof. Dr. Christoph Stückelberger is Founder and Executive Director of He is part-time Professor of Ethics at the Theological Faculty of the University of Basel in Switzerland. Economic ethics, political ethics, environmental ethics and development ethics are his main fields of research. Until January 2008, he was Director of the Institute for Theology and Ethics of the Federation of Swiss Protestant Churches in Berne, Switzerland. Prior to this position he was Director of the Development Organisation Bread for all. He was Founder/President of Transparency International Switzerland and member of the bioethics Committee of the Swiss Government. He is author of many books, published in six languages. 


Emmanuel Toniutti
Professor, International Ethics Consulting Group, Switzerland

Emmanuel TONIUTTI graduated from Laval University, Canada with a Ph.D. in philosophy and theology. President of the International Ethics Consulting Group (IECG) since 2005, he is a company director and coaches directors for 10 years. To date, he carries out the coordination of IECG's international activities. He teaches business ethics and corporate social responsibility as an affiliated Professor and guest throughout various business schools, universities and associations for directors stretching from North America, China, Europe and North Africa.
Peter Utting
Deputy Director of UNRISD, Geneva
Peter Utting is the Deputy Director at the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD) where he co-ordinates International Research Projects in the fields of Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Regulation, and the Role of Social Movements and Non-State Actors in Governance and Policy Change. His recent publications include "Business, Politics and Public Policy", "Corporate Social Responsibility and Regulatory Governance" and "Corporate Accountability and Sustainable Development".
Antonio Vidal Lopez
President of CP Suisse Holding SA International, Switzerland
Mr Vidal Lopez has studied criminal law and criminal procedure, business law and fundamental human rights. Mr Vidal Lopez has served as the Commanding Officer of the Judicial Police and of the Police Force in France. Previously he was Attaché to the Embassy of Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Mr Vidal Lopez is also a Former Director of the Chamber of Commerce, Vocational Training Commission & Economic Finance Development in France. He was the former Managing Director of Hypermarchés in France and Spain. Mr Antonio Vidal Lopez is the President of the Suisse Holding SA Switzerland. He is the Founder and President of the Foundation.
Karim Zein
Director, Sustainable Business Associates (SBA), Switzerland
Karim Zein is President and co-founder of SBA since 1995. Educated in Lebanon and Switzerland he has a Bachelor in Philosophy (1987), a MBA and a Master in Environmental Management (1993). After having worked several years in the family business of water treatment, he fully dedicated his time to SBA's projects and programmes. He is active in promoting eco-efficiency, Cleaner Production and corporate social responsibility principles for business and industry in the Middle East and North Africa Region. Additionally, he has a key role in implementing environmental economic analyses at macro level as well as sectorial level in several Arab and African countries. » He teaches in several postgraduate and master programmes in Swiss and Arab Universities and has published numerous articles on sustainable development, environmental economics and cleaner production.
Remy Zinder

Director for Sustainable Development, Canton of Geneva, Switzerland
Rémy Zinder has a Masters in geography from the University of Geneva and a postgraduate qualificiation in engineering and environmental management from the EPFL in Lausanne. Since 1 June 2010 he has been Director of the Canton of Geneva's service for sustainable development in the departement of regional affairs, economy and health. He is responsible for leading and coordinating the Agenda 21 programme in the Canton of Geneva. Mr Zinder has a rich professional background in the field of sustainable development, including directing the Agenda 21 Programme in the town of Neuchâtel from 2003 to 2008. He entered the Canton of Geneva's administration in 2008, where he was notably responsible for elaborating and carrying out a carbon audit of the State.