Gender and Theology
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Proyecto de investigación sobre el empoderamiento dirigido a mujeres mayores de 65 años
An exploration of the relationship between spirituality, religion and mental health among youth who identify as LGBT+: A systematic literature review.
Kontradiktioner, kontekstualitet og konceptualitet: hvorfor er det, at Luther ikke er feminist?
Transgender Advocacy in K12 and Post-Secondary Environments
Frontières de la liberté religieuse et exemptions individuelles
Skeive kvinner i religiøse miljøer: En studie av sosial kontroll og mestring
Assessing the Longer Term Impact of Community-Driven Development Programs : Evidence from a Field Experiment in the Democratic Republic of Congo
The «Long 1960s» in a Global Arena of Contention: Re-defining Assumptions of Self, Morality, Race, Gender and Justice, and Questioning Education
Religious Discourse and Gender Security in Southern Thailand
Causes of the reactive politicization of evangelical conservatism in contemporary Peru
1 2 3 . . . 4122