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Frequently Asked Questions

How should the survey be completed?

As the survey is intended for all parts of the world, you may find that the terms used are not an exact fit for your specific situation. Please feel free to use the "other" boxes which are attached to most questions to explain your situation, observation, or recommendation. Please also feel free to select the choices that are closest to your situation, even when they do not represent it exactly. The term "region" is used throughout in its broad sense; please use "your region" to mean the area or context with which are most familiar.

What is meant by eco-theology?

For the purpose of this survey, we understand eco-theology in a broad perspective, as a theological reflection which, taking into account the ecological crisis, develops a discourse on God, human beings and the cosmos and their relationships. In our understanding eco-theology is not limited to a particular theological discipline (Systematic theology, Bible, Ethics, etc.) but can be related to many of them. As the title of the survey suggests, a special consideration will be given to theological insights on climate and food issues but other topics will be most welcomed.  

Who is conducting the survey?

The project is sponsored by Globethics.net, Bread for the World, United Evangelical Mission and the World Council of Churches in cooperation with the Orthodox Academy of Crete and Volos Academy for Theological Studies.

The survey is being conducted under the responsibility of the steering group for the project, using SurveyMonkey.com. All data submitted will be treated appropriately. No personally identifiable material will be published. Please see the confidentiality statement for more details.
What are the aims of the project?

According to preliminary data, although much research and project related work has been done already on these topics in some regions, only in a few institutions of theological education and Christian leadership development do they form part of the regular curriculum of instruction and training or inform theological formation processes in an integrated perspective, especially within and in exchange with the global South.

A great potential therefore lies in discovering existing resources for the transfer of knowledge and wisdom from all contexts/regions.

Please see the project description for more information.

Confidentiality Policy

You are not obliged to provide a response to any question except the one asking you to agree to the terms of this confidentiality policy.
The personal contact information have submitted will be used only to send you a summary of the results of the survey and in case the authors need to be in touch with you personally regarding an issue related to the survey.
At the end of the survey you will have to opportunity to opt in to receive information about Globethics.net and the Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism which is hosting this survey.
Information about religious affiliation is requested only for statistical purposes and will not be linked to your personal contact information in any publication. You have the option not to complete this section if you wish.
Information about educational resources, projects and international cooperation available may be published unless you specifically request that this information not be included. Copyright will always be respected.