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Research ethics and justice
A 10-year follow up of publishing ethics in China: what is new and what is unchanged
Fragile and rapidly crumbling? 
Academic identity and autonomy in the aftermath of structural reform. A case study of academics working in Norway
Perceptions of Tennessee Employees in Higher Education and K-12 working with Confucius Institutes
Research Integrity - where are we?
The Quest for Clarity in Research Integrity:A Conceptual Schema
Money, Morale, and Motivation: A Study of the Output-Based Research Support Scheme in University College Dublin
Emerging patterns in the academic literature on responsible research and innovation
Assessing the Efficacy of a Training Intervention to Reduce Acceptance of Questionable Research Practices in Psychology Graduate Students
Академічна культура українського студентства: фактори формування та особливості прояву
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