Tuning Journal for Higher Education
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The European Higher Education Area: A road to the future or at way’s end?
Is the role of academics as teachers changing? An exploratory analysis in Italian universities
An exploration of the ‘African (Union Commission’s) perspective’ of quality and quality assurance in higher education: Latent voices in the African Quality Rating Mechanism (AQRM)
Editors’ Acknowledgments
From 1999 to 2019: 20 years of European debate, development, and achievements
Hybrid solutions for didactics in higher education: An interdisciplinary workshop of ‘Visual Storytelling’ to develop documentation competences
20th Anniversary of the Bologna Declaration: From overview of processes to ongoing activities and experiences
A model for the evaluation of competence-based learning implementation in higher education institutions: Criteria and indicators
Editors’ Acknowledgments
‘New Engineering Education’ in Chinese Higher Education: Prospects and challenges
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