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World Council of Churches' 10th Assembly in Busan (2013) Collection

This is a collection of documents related to the up-coming 10th assembly of the World Council of Churches in Busan, Republic of Korea, October-November 2013, including background documents, documents to be presented to the assembly and documents on the theme of the assembly, "God of Life, Lead Us to Justice and Peace".         



"The assembly is the highest governing body of the World Council of Churches (WCC), and meets every seven years. It is a moment when the fellowship of member churches comes together as a whole in prayer and celebration.

The assembly has the mandate to review programmes, to issue public statements and determine the overall policies of the WCC, as well as to elect presidents and a Central Committee that oversees the council's work until the next assembly."
Source: World Council of Churches

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Classification Tree Overview

DS1  On the way to Busan - Preparatory Documents
DS2  Busan Assembly Documents
DS3  Busan Assembly Worship Materials
DS4  Materials related to the Busan Assembly
DS5  Other

DS1  On the way to Busan - Preparatory Documents
                 DS 11 Policy Documents
                 DS 12 Glossary
                 DS 13 Resources from WCC Programmes
                 DS 14 Pre-assembly Reflections
                 DS 15 Reports from Commissions and Working Groups
                 DS 16 Reflections on the Assembly Theme

DS2  Busan Assembly Documents
                DS 21 Greetings and Addresses
                DS 22 Main Themes
                DS 23 Statements and Documents
                DS 24 Ecumenical Conversations
                DS 25 Bible Studies
                DS 26 Other

DS3  Busan Assembly Worship Materials
               DS 31 Sermons
               DS 32 Worship Guides
               DS 33 Other

DS4  Materials related to the Busan Assembly
               DS 41 General
                           DS 411 Ecumenical Visions for the 21st Century (GETI reader 2013)
                           DS 412 Ecumenical Review
                           DS 413 International Review of Mission
               DS 42 Regional
               DS 43 Thematic

DS5  Other

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