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Public services and Political ethics

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Latest news on Public services and Political ethics

6th Annual Conference of EuroISME: report

On 23-25 May, the International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (EuroISME), in co-operation with the Norwegian Military Academy and the Norwegian armed forces chaplaincy, held its 6th annual...   Weiterlesen »

Cultural diplomacy in the XXI century new challenges, new solutions

The International Forum of Creative Youth "Cultural diplomacy in the XXI century: new challenges, new solutions" was hosted in the Kaluga region.   Weiterlesen »

Ethical and political education network

On March 30 was launched the "Ethical and political education network" in Bogotá. It is an initiative of several universities, among which is the University of the Andes member of...   Weiterlesen »

Workshop for Heads of Political Party and Civil Society Organizations

On the 10 th April 2015 East Africa programme organised and held a one day workshop on the theme Towards Patriotic and Responsible Leadership during the Electoral Period in...   Weiterlesen »

Ethics, transparency and good governance in the Balkans: regional conference

From public officials taking bribes to rigged elections, unethical behaviour drains democracy. Especially in a time of economic crisis, citizens across Europe are increasingly conscious that...   Weiterlesen »
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