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'I would suggest that this training takes place every year as it awakens and brings more insight on ethics'
'Society needs us.  Society needs change and it should start on an individual level. We will transfer this to the younger generation' 
Testimonies from participants at the training-of-trainers workshop in Pretoria, South Africa works to improve the understanding of, reflection on and application of ethics in our daily lives
Ethics in higher education is our vision driven by the mission to empower, transform and develop the skills and competence of students, of their teachers and of their institutions. We aim, together, to build more peaceful and sustainable societies through training and resources for responsible citizenship and leadership with integrity. 
By funding our educational resources, you will help drive this ambition forward!
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Anna Kasafi Perkins is a Senior Programme Officer in the Quality Assurance Unit of the University of the West Indies in Jamaica.
She is responsible for quality assurance and policy development in her university. Anna is a teacher and researcher. She writes extensively on matters of ethics, culture, and Christianity.
Let her show you how resources have empowered her work and her personal life.
'Having access to 7.3 million documents, especially to collections, allows me to research and publish scholarly work that takes especial account of the experiences of scholars and practitioners from the Global South'
'Being part of a course better equipped me to contribute to the infusion of ethics in the curricula of my University and to help my University to  build an ethical climate.'
Publishing house
'I will have the opportuny to disseminate my critical research and contribute to the global discourse on higher education, quality assurance, ethics, culture and religion'
'Accessing a global community of scholars and practitioners provides me with oppportunities for collaboration, coaching, mentorship and building partnerships'
Support people like Anna!
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