Education Ethics Series

Each volume in this series offers analysis and contextual guidelines on ethics in education with contributions from authors from around the world. The series has been conceived to appeal to students and professionals alike, providing a blend of approaching values-based education for life-long learning and concrete examples of the development of ethical standards in universities. There is a particular focus on fostering global citizenship using open education models and distance learning possibilities.


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Educating Teachers for Tomorrow: On Ethics and Quality in Pedagogical Formation



Author: Jacinta M. Adhiambo and Florentina N. Ndeke

ISBN: 978-2-88931-407-2
Series number: Education Ethics 
Publication: 2021

Teacher education ought to be carefully designed, developed and administered. It is at the core of this research to show that quality teacher education stands for the kind of preparation which places learning for sustainable development and societal needs at the center of teacher education. This book gathers 22 presentations in ten chapters, selected among the plethora of papers presented during the interdisciplinary session, held at the Faculty of Education of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in 2016.


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