About us

Globethics.net is a global network of teachers and institutions with the vision to embed ethics in higher education.

We strive for a world in which people, and especially leaders are educated in, informed by and act according to ethical values and thus contribute to building sustainable, just and peaceful societies. 

The founding conviction of Globethics.net is that having equal access to knowledge resources in the field of applied ethics enables individuals and institutions from developing and transition economies to become more visible and audible in the global discourse. 
In order to ensure access to knowledge resources in applied ethics, Globethics.net has developed  four resources
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The leading global digital library on ethics with over 3.7 million documents and specially curated content

A publishing house open to all authors interested in applied ethics and with over 220 publications in 20 series

Online and offline courses and training for all on ethics both as a subject and within specific sectors

A global network of experts and institutions to exchange organised into specialised interests


Globethics.net has developed four programmes to support integrating ethics in institutions and to enable teachers, students, and those in the professions to make values-based decisions and to apply ethics in their day-to-day work and studies.

Ethics for Institutions

Ethics for Teachers

Ethics for Students

Ethics for Professions

Ethics for Institutions

Ethics for Teachers

Ethics for Students

Ethics for Professions

Implements ethical standards and structural changes

Provides teachers with training and coaching

Offers resources on ethics adapted to certain studies to students

Offers courses on ethics adapted to specific sectors


Globethics.net is a worldwide ethics network of people based in Geneva, with an international Board of Foundation and with ECOSOC status with the United Nations.
All of our resources are available to web users and participants free of charge. Individuals only need to register on the Globethics.net website to get access.

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Note that fees are charged for some of our online courses in the Globethics.net Academy and Members of our Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education pay an annual membership fee and for customised services and resources.

We believe in the transformative effect of ethics not just for the individual but for society as a whole. For this reason, at Globethics.net we work and we build all our resources and programmes to meet the following goals:


developing talents


placing common good before self-interest


Holistic approach
understanding of in-depth correlations


making values-based decisions and behaviours


focusing on innovative and collective proficiency


standing up for one world


All our resources and programmes are:



Do you want to know more?

Below is a brief timeline of Globethics.net's milestones



August - Founding Workshop and website launched



March - Globethics.net becomes an Association

July  - Began contract with Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

August - Organised the first Global Globethics.net Conference


July - Concept and technology online library developed



February - Founder Christoph Stückelberger begins working as Executive Director

August - The Global Digital Library on Ethics is launched



January - Globethics.net becomes a Foundation with a Board

July - First annual Global Ethics Forum held in Geneva



September - First Regional Programme, representing India, established


September -  The Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism (GlobeTheoLib) is launched



January - The 2012-2015 'People with Values' Strategy is implemented


November - The African Law Library is launched



February - Reached 100,000 registered participants

April - Globethics Leadership Centre is launched

August - Globethics.net 10th Anniversary


July - Global Ethics Forum



July - Leadership changes. Prof. Dr Obiora Ike starts becomes the new Executive Director


July - The Globethics.net Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education is launched