Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

About this course

This online course introduces you to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and its place in the world today. You will learn about the history, the different definitions and approaches, and the application of CSR within organisations. The learning materials and tools available in the courses allow you to acquire an introductory knowledge of CSR that will help you address social responsibility and sustainability concerns more effectively.

  • Define and summarise the concept of CSR and Sustainability
  • Review alternative definitions of CSR and their strengths and limitations
  • Assess comparative needs for CSR Distinguish between the applications of CSR in various practical situations

Module 1 Introduction and CSR definitions
Module 2 Why CSR? Where is CSR today?
Module 3 The UN and International Agencies Treatment of CSR
Module 4 CSR Regulation
Module 5 ISO2600 and GRI
Module 6 Is CSR Philanthropy? Communicating your CSR and Sustainability
Module 7 Applying definitions in practice
Final Assignment

José Antonio David

José Antonio David

Universidad Católica de Córdoba


Dr Divya Singh

Dr Divya Singh

Stadio Holdings

South Africa

Participants whose first language is not English are recommended to have a minimum English language-proficiency of B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The self-assessment grid under this link provides potential participants with an overview in case of unfamiliarity with this framework.

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Duration8 weeks
Starting date2022
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Workload40 hours (8 online modules)
Subjects Business, sustainability
Language English
Study Method Distance learning

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