Dean's Message

The Dean’s Welcome Message Executive Course Programme, Second Semester 2022

In a gentle way, you can shake the world – Mahatma Gandhi

Amele Ekue Academic Dean

Dear course participants and instructors,

A new semester begins, and with it comes the unique opportunity of equipping oneself with new competences and learning from one another in a vibrant international setting – your ethical education ecosystem. May I extend to you all a very warm welcome on this occasion! As a participant, you have decided to invest in your professional development and continuing formation by opting for one of our highly actual courses starting today. As a course instructor, you have carved out time in your busy calendar to accompany the participants in their discovery of thematic fields at the heart of our current preoccupations, for which we are grateful.

The need to explore the potentials of the cyber world confronts us at the same time with new challenges on how to safeguard security in our personal lives and protect the integrity of our institutions. All this necessary critical thinking would remain futile if we would not intertwine it with a reflection on the ethical profile of leadership, at the core of which lies the responsibility for a world in which all can flourish. We discover, now more than ever before, that such a responsible leadership has to be understood in a framework of dialogue with people of all religions, cultures and societal backgrounds. The strength of this approach lies in the possibility of developing together avenues towards sustainable societies and inclusive innovation based on a normative consensus.

You will find ample occasions during your respective course programmes to engage with these and more topics. Concise study unit texts, a plethora of practically grounded resources, including inspiring audio-visual material, learning outcome-oriented assignments, and a series of periodically offered live sessions for direct and personalised exchanges with your dedicated and high-profile course instructors, will facilitate your study process.

Each course will offer you also the possibility to learn more about the various educational offers of Academy, our online library, our publishing house and our global network of higher education institutions and educators, our Consortium on Ethics in Higher Education. You will certainly also enjoy our Blue Table webinar series, this year under the title: “What it means to be human”, offering you the possibility to be part of inspiring conversations around cutting-edge ethical issues with experts from around the world.

This semester, you will in addition also be able to benefit from our Building New Bridges Together international conference, inviting you to reflect on “Ethics and Values at the Heart of Quality Education,” organised as a hybrid event from 17 to 19 October 2022. We particularly encourage the participation of young professionals interested in ethics and higher education. You will find detailed information and the online registration link on our conference website.

And, why not consider another course of our programme, or opt for the certificate track of our courses? We have preferential rates for those among you who desire to change their track. Your course coordinator, and our entire team, will be pleased to respond to any of your complementary questions and to guide you further in any domain of your interest. Please do not hesitate to contact us:

We would particularly value your feedback on your learning experience. This will allow us to learn, to develop our programmes and to grow as an accredited educational provider. Your instructors will inform you in due course of the evaluation procedures at the end of the courses.

These are times, in which we realise that we belong together and that we can do something to nurture cultures of integrity, solidarity and justice in our organisations and institutions. is committed to these values and invites all to join in its mission for the promotion of ethics in higher education.

Together with my colleagues, I wish you a most enriching learning journey, filled with many new experiences, encounters and opportunities.

Yours sincerely,

Amélé Ekué
Academic Dean