Education Praxis Series

The Education Praxis Series supports professionals, especially young teachers and students in making values-driven, ethical decisions. Each volume in this series provides either carefully gathered cases studies or practical training materials such as ethical codes.

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: 50 Cases from Africa for Teaching and Training

Tobe Nnamani / Christoph Stückelberger
Series number: Education Praxis No. 1
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This is an honest, tough and practical book in which real people recount their real predicaments concerning poverty, sex, bribes, school fees, forced marriage, healers and traditional rites. Ethics is about what is good and bad. An ethical dilemma, however, is not a decision between good and bad but between bad solutions. The question then is which solution is the "least unethical". This book presents 50 real-life cases in the contexts of scholarly, private, professional and public life. The cases in this book have been shared for teachers, students and professional practitioners, to be used in teaching and training or individual study, to test personal intuitions and encourage reflection on ethical decisions.