Globethics Benchmarking

Globethics Benchmarking includes projects and programmes to develop standards in higher education, religious, and other institutions, with an objective to foster responsible leadership, business ethics, and interreligious ethics, among others.

Ethical Asset Management

Ethical Asset Management aims to develop the accountability and transparency of leaders in assets and resources management. The African Church Assets Programme (ACAP) is an ongoing programme which aims to help leaders in church institutions to build practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources.

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Higher Education - Ethics Model of Excellence Tool (HE-EMET)

The Ethics Model of Excellence Tool (EMET) has been designed to serve as an Ethics Performance Management System (EPMS) for academic institutions. The tool enables higher education institutions to conduct their own Ethics Performance Assessments and to adopt a continuous improvement approach. The EMET contributes to the establishment of Benchmarking, Monitoring & Evaluation for Higher Education Institutions and sets the standard for a Global Ethical Ranking System. 

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Globethics University Ranking

The Globethics University Ranking (GUR) provides the first global ranking instrument that places values, ethics and sustainability as central principles of higher education institutions worldwide. The aim is to demonstrate that institutional reputation, grounded on integrity, and the wider impact of higher education on society, the environment and the corporate world are indivisible.

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Other Projects

Globethics has coordinated a number of research projects in addition to the self-initiated projects of the workgroups and the collaborative research projects amongst participants in the network. In these research projects the Globethics International Secretariat concentrates on four areas:

GlobeTheoLib is the first project worldwide to address strategically the challenge of a more balanced theological knowledge transfer between churches and institutions of theological education in the North and South, East and West, and to provide a common platform for existing digital resources and theological libraries in the world. 

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