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Academy Overview 2018 - Transforming Institutions and Teaching Methods

Participants at the training-of-trainers at the University of South Africa in September 2018

Workshops and Staff Training

During 2018 the Academy has been delivering training courses and online courses to institutions, teachers and other professionals to develop their competences and to empower them in their professional and personal lives through ethics. is proud to say that over 30 institutions and more than 250 teachers have benefited from this service. All together these institutions and teachers are responsible for educating almost 300,000 students. This is the ‘ethics multiplier'.

Globethics. net's experts have delivered workshops and lectures around the world with Africa as the main focus in 2018. The international team of ethics experts together with local professors and consultants have run a series of training workshops on ethics in higher education with three African universities: The Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA) in March, the University of South Africa (UNISA) in September and Godfrey Okoye University in Nigeria in October.

The training events were structured in three parts: a high-level conference with invited speakers and dignitaries to heighten awareness of the importance of integrating ethics in society as well as in higher education institutions' policies and teaching and in professional and individual conduct; a two or three day training-of-teachers workshop and finally a day to train-the-trainers who will serve their institutions to continue to improve competence and practice in a sustainable way.

A participant receiving her training certificate at the Catholic Univerisity of Eastern Africa in Nairobi, Kenya, March 2018


Participant at a CUEA conference

The results of the training in 2018 are already visible. Subsequent to the first intervention at CUEA, the university has already taken action by developing an institutional code of ethics and a code of conduct. In addition, CUEA organised a sensitisation meeting for new academic staff in August and a conference on ‘Mainstreaming Ethics in Higher Education' in October 2018.

During the two workshops at UNISA and Godfrey Okoye University a total of 60 staff members were invited to complete a training course that will enable them to become ethics trainers in their respective institutions. Online Learning Pathways

The Academy ran its first pilot-course on ‘Ethics in Higher Education for Teaching Professionals' this year. Fifty four participants gained the knowledge and tools to address several common issues in higher education from an ethical perspective, such as plagiarism, workplace bullying, examination cheating and international student policies. Participants were provided with training in ethical decision making and, through forum discussions, carried out an assessment of their own and their institutions' norms and values. Here is what one participant had to say about the course:

 The course was timely and useful. It has helped me to continue to do research in the area of Information Ethics. It was very educative, the platform was simple to navigate and I enjoyed the interactive elements such as the discussion forum and the options to chat with teachers. has also been collaborating in 2018 with CITVN in the USA to broadcast a weekly webcast series, offered in real-time on Environmental and Sustainable Ethics. The webcast gave the opportunity to a global audience of around 1,200 participants to see and hear 56 experts from churches, non-governmental organisations, businesses, governments and academia, who shared their knowledge on topics related to the environment and sustainability in relation to Pope Francis' environmental encyclical Laudato Si. together with CITVN is currently working on the lectures to provide access to these videos through the Academy in 2019.