African Church Assets Programme

Asset management of the human and material resources of Churches has been identified as a key issue preventing the promotion of all round financial sustainability and overall development of Churches and Church-related organizations in the spread of the Gospel and the improvement of livelihoods.
The African Church Assets Programme (ACAP) is an ongoing programme which aims to help leaders in church institutions to build practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources.
Africa was the starting point for ACAP. The aim of the workshops on March 2016 and September 2017 was to share with these churches good examples of best practices on management assets and to tailor them to their own cases with the experts help. These workshops provide them will all the tools to implement on their churches:
  • Inventory and mapping of Fixed Assets
  • Improvement Investment of Fixed Assets
  • Report back home and sensitize those left behind on good stewardship of assets
  • Develop theological curriculum is looking to implement this programme on Asia.
Coming up: ACAP III: Strengthening African Churches and Churches-Related Organisation in their Assets Management through Ethical Investments
soil, hand and plants - ethical investments
 21-23 May 2019, Nairobi Kenya



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