A Garment You Cannot Take Off: On racism and how young people can teach us important ethical lessons

“It is as it is, Ma!” There is probably not a fragment of a sentence that shook me more than this. A few years ago, my then teenage son shared a revolting experience. A policeman had followed him all along on his way back home from school. At a road juncture, the policeman intercepted him and...   Leer más »

A Call for Youth Engagement and Inter-generational Partnership for Global Action

On 12 August 2021 we again celebrate International Youth Day and joins its voice with others in the international community in celebrating youth and the role they have in their environments and communities now and the roles they...   Leer más »

In the Spotlight: Rev. Dr Jose Nandhikkara

Meet Rev. Dr. Jose Nandhikkara, Catholic Priest, Editor in Chief of the Journal of Dharma, and Director of India. Learn more about how to infuse the secular with the sacred to improve religious literacy and enhance ethical consciousness.   Leer más »

With Ethics - A New Dawn and A New Era for Humanity Emerges

All indicators point to the need for a new dawn for humanity, within countries but also across borders and internationally. The world is changing. A new horizon emerges and many are searching for and wishing for something better, to live in “One World” built on mutual respect for individual and...   Leer más »

The Path to Sustainability

CSR & Sustainable Development Course Instructor, José Antonio David explains key concepts such as social responsibility, sustainable development and actions for a more sustainable future.   Leer más »

In the Spotlight: Divya Singh

Meet Divya Singh - Chief Academic Officer at Stadio Holdings, and current Director of Southern Africa. She also serves on the Board of Foundation, as a course instructor for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Sustainable Development course, as well as...   Leer más »

In the Spotlight: Herbert Makinda

Herbert Makinda has been the Programme Executive for East Africa since its conception in 2011. Learn more about his journey to, what ethics means to him, and more on the opportunities and challenges for the educational systems in the East-African region.   Leer más »

Expanding the Circle of the We: Why Cultural Diversity Matters

On 21 May 2021 the United Nations invite us to reflect upon the significance of cultural diversity for dialogue among people and sustainable development, with celebration of the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development. Why should this topic matter and how does it speak into...   Leer más »

In the Spotlight: Lidia Sloutskovski

Lidia Sloutskovski is the Academic Office Manager, who started her service for the organisation in February 2021. The position has been newly created to reflect the organisational objective of becoming a higher education institution.   Leer más »

Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics

Copyright, plagiarism and research ethics play an important role, particularly in the context of UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day, aiming to promote the best opportunities for reading and publishing.   Leer más »
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