Higher Education - Ethics Model of Excellence Tool

An Ethics Performance Management System & Self-Assessment Tool for Benchmarking, Monitoring & Evaluation of Academic Institutions

What is the HE-EMET?

The Ethics Model of Excellence has been designed to serve as an Ethics Performance Management System (EPMS) for academic institutions. The EMET uses criteria drawn from ethical management standards and best practices leading to organisational excellence. The tool enables Higher Education Institutions to conduct their own Ethics Performance Assessment and to adopt a continuous improvement approach. The EMET shall contribute to the establishment a Benchmarking, Monitoring & Evaluation (BM&E) for Higher Education Institutions and to set the standard for a Global Ethical Ranking System. 

Take the HE-EMET

Follow below to register and take the Higher Education Ethics Model of Excellence Tool. Registration includes joining the Globethics network and gaining access to all of our online resources on ethics, including our Academy, Library, Publications, and Network at your fingertips.

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More information about HE-EMET

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There are 9 steps to the HE-EMET Framework in order to achieve results - following the Higher Education Ethics Model of Excellence ensures commitment to sustainable development.

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Guiding Principles and Charter

Sign the HE-EMET Guiding Principles and Charter outlining the four key pillars of the L.E.G.S.© Principles, and the 21 measures to ensure they are upheld.

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Rating Scale and Scheme

The HE-EMET uses its own Rating Scale and Scheme by which the tool measures assessments results in order to gauge and benchmark the ethical practices of institutions.