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Book of the month: Kairos for Creation : Confessing Hope for the Earth

Editors:  Louk Andrianos, Michael Biehl, Ruth Gütter, Jochen Motte, Andar Parlindungan,Thomas Sandner, Juliane Stork and Dietrich Werner   Year: 2019 Publisher: Wuppertal, Germany   Available for free   The...   Leer más »

Book of the month: An archaeology of corruption in medicine

Corruption is a word used loosely to describe many kinds of action that people find dis-tasteful. We prefer to reserve it for the intentional misuse of the good offices of an established social entity for private benefit posing as fair-trading. The currency of corruption is not always material or financial. Moral corruption is all too familiar within churc   Leer más »

Book of the month: The Art of Ethics in the Information Society. Mind you

New technologies are often implemented before their ethical consequences have been fully understood. In this volume, experts working in the sciences, arts, and philosophy of technology share novel perspectives on how we can implement these technologies   Leer más »

Library tip: Author profiles - a way to promote your work in the Library

    Discover the new author profile section at the Library . This new, free-to-use feature has been built to help you promote your work to both your personal network and a broader network of like-minded individuals in Library.   As a researcher and published author, it is crucial to have an up-to-date list of publications...   Leer más »

Book of the month: The SAGE Handbook of International Higher Education

Please check this month's book from the Library, available on our library for free   Leer más »
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