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New Collection: Peace-Building and Conflict Resolution

The Peace Building and Conflict Resolution collection makes open access resources on the subject of peacebuilding available, because the importance of information for conflict resolution is as great as our capacity for understanding and of good will. Through this interdisciplinary collection, the Library offers an important contribution to global peace ethics,...   Leer más »

Book of the month: New Paths and Policies towards Conflict Prevention

This book explores the discourse on conflict prevention and peacebuilding by bringing together researchers from China and Switzerland over a series policy dialogues.   Leer más »

World Book and Copyright Day: Book Recommendations

On the 23 April 2021, the world will celebrate UNESCO's World Book and Copyright Day. In a challenging year living through restrictions measures and confinement, books have offered us escapism, and proved to be powerful tools to combat isolation and reinforce ties between people.   Leer más »

Discover new resources on Ethics in Higher Education

New resouces on ethics in higher education are now available via our Library and Publications.   Leer más »

Book of the month: Critical Perspectives on Interreligious Education

In Experiments in Empathy: Critical Reflections on Interreligious Education, the contributors provide a roadmap for practicing and developing innovative ways to teach religion that promotes interfaith understanding and cooperation.   Leer más »
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