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From ḥadīṯ to adab : the development of ʿilm narratives in Classical Arabic literature ; a case study on the Kitāb al-adab of Ibn Abī Šayba (d. 235/849) and the Kitāb al-ʿilm of Ibn Qutayba (d. 276/88...
La dimensión ética en la obra narrativa de ficción de Antonio Muñoz Molina
Overcoming the ethical challenges of cause marketing:: A qualitative exploration in the Dutch services sector
Sankofa: Disability and the Door of Return
The Meaning and Uses of βασιλεία in the Gospel of Matthew. Semantic Monosemy and Pragmatic Modulation
The Curious Child: Engaging very young audiences in the arts
The Hebrew Bible as a Pastoral Resource : Reinterpreting the Psalter with the Bereaved: A Reader-Oriented Exegesis of Psalm 139:1-18
Performance and development of Norwegian green funds
Alternative Semantics Across Languages: Case Studies on Disjunctive Questions and Free Choice Items in Samoan and Yoruba
Concepções de finalidades educativas escolares na perspectiva de líderes religiosos evangélicos neopentecostais
1 2 3 . . . 22840