National Seminar on Ethics in Higher Education

Policies and Praxis

Date: 29-30 July 2019

Venue: All Sanit's College, Trivandrum

Type: National Seminar

Cost: free

Registration: not requiered

More information:

The twenty-first century is an age of complex networks which result in a constant generation of information. Today, there is a continuous need to synergise human and artificial intelligence. This interface, combined with the anxieties of the demands of living in a competitive, consumer-oriented and balance sheet centric society leads to unprecedented amounts of stress and unpredictable behaviour. Often, in the race to succeed, the values and ethics that make us human are left behind. Education systems today have to incorporate core values in their syllabi to help young people develop a strong sense of ethics. They have to be enabled and empowered with knowledge of justice and discretion that are crucial in their capacities as professionals. Ultimately, they have to inculcate values that contribute to the development of an ethically and morally sound society. 
The National Seminar on Ethics in Higher Education: Policies and Praxis, organised by All Saints' College, Trivandrum in association with India and Journal of Dharma, aims to engage scholars, academics and students in a dialogue to have significant insights into fashioning policies for imparting ethics in institutions of higher education. Further, the role of ethics in the lives of students and the ways it shapes instructional structures in higher education forms the focus of the seminar. The deliberations of the symposium will render fruitful conversations as to nature and new directions that ethics and values need in this modern age.
Papers are invited on the following broad areas:
  • Role of Educators in propagating ethical values among students
  • Role of ethics in furthering sustainable development
  • Shaping professionals through higher education
  • Ethics and new age media
  • Ethical instruction: Fashioning a Methodology for Contemporary Times
  • Holistic Education through Ethics
Selected papers could be published, after peer review, in volume 45 of Journal of Dharma in 2020.
  1. Towards Ethical Societies: Arts and Humanities
  2. Towards Ethical Societies: Social Sciences
  3. Towards Ethical Societies: Philosophical Investigations 
  4. Towards Ethical Societies: Religious Contributions
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