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The Prophet of Non-Violence
19/08/11 17:11
The Prophet of Non-Violence
Spirit of Peace, Compassion & Universality in Islam
A new book written by Dr. Asghar Ali Engineer
This book tries to remove various cobwebs around Islam and Islamic teachings. Islam has become the centre of controversies today due to some extremist elements in the Islamic world and manipulations by vested interests. There is an urgent need to understand Islam in the right perspective if we have to deal with more than one billion people who profess the faith. It is no easy task and needs not only an in-depth study of Islam but also of current political developments in the Islamic world and various interests working therein.

Asghar Ali Engineer is counted as one of the 500 foremost scholars of Islam in the world. He has brought to bear his scholarship of Islam to deal with various issues being debated today. He is liberal and moderate in his approach and demonstrates Islam as a religion which is far from violence. He strongly advocates that it is a religion of harmony, peace and coexistence. While dealing with the life of the Prophet, he depicts Him as a man of non-violence by deep conviction. These essays will remove much of the misunderstandings about Islam.



Section I: Introduction

The Prophet of Non-Violence

Section II: Women in Islam

Women in the Light of Hadith
Violence Against Women and Religion

Section III: War and Peace in Islam

Theory of War and Peace in Islam
Centrality of Jihad in Post-Qur’anic Period
Jihad? But What About Other Verses in the Qur’an?
Islam, Democracy and Violence
A Critical Look at Qur’anic Verses on War and Violence

Section IV: Justice and Compassion in Islam

Concept of Justice in Islam
Love in Sufi Poetry – Maulana Rum, the Poet of Love
Compassion in Islam – Theology and History
Islam and Compassion – Scriptural, Historical and Contemporary Perspective

Section V: Social Issues

Science, West and Islamic Origin of Science
Opening Chapter of the Qur’an and its Ecological Interpretation
Islam and Contemporary Issues
Religion or Secularism?
Modernity, Discontent and Religion
Hindu-Muslim Unity Through Religion?
Religion and Conflict

Total Pages: 246

Price: INR 395/- for India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh
USD 15/- for other countries

For copies contact
Vitasta Publishing Pvt. Ltd.,
2/15, Ansari Road, Daryaganj,
New Delhi: - 110 002.
Telephone / Fax: +91-11-2326-3522
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