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Ethics regarding suicide?

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Ethics regarding suicide?
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7/03/13 3:04
I have done plenty of individual research into the matter and I still cannot come up with a distinct answer to the question of whether or not it is ethical or morally righteous/acceptable for a sane person to end their own life, for whatever reason.

Many uneducated persons whom I have questioned have told me that they think what is morally 'correct' changes with different cultures, but regardless of what different cultures believe to be right, I personally believe that there is one 'correct' answer to the controversial question, as I also believe that through deep inquiry one, or the human race altogether, could discover a rational set of ethical rules or guidelines that are just (Ex. Killing a completely innocent child that wants to live is morally wrong, no matter what your culture 'thinks').

Upon asking those same uneducated individuals what one should take into account while considering suicide, of course out of pure concern for my research, they generally told me that one should consider the damages they would do to those that would miss them, which is obviously a Utilitarian point of view.

I then usually put forth a number of examples in which our variable citizen is suicidal for a number of different reasons, then I ask them whether or not it is ethically or morally righteous for that person to end their own life at that time. In the situation of the "Martyr", where one must die to protect a larger group of people, most, even the religious, found the death acceptable and ethical. But, in the example I gave them where our suicidal victim was a man in distress due to his own preferances (i.e. he doesnt want to live, simply just doesnt enjoy life), people usually tell me that that man should keep living either to search for happiness or, once again, to be a Utilitarian, trading death for suffering for the rest of his life yet helping people.

Then, when I procede to ask them if they were in his position, & they simply did not enjoy life, if they would exchange unhappiness until their natural death for aiding people they never knew, they usually do not understand the very simple concepts and implications of the scenario; they do not understand 'not enjoying life' or 'wanting to die', which in turn invalidates all of the opinions they gave me.

I need someone to give me a better answer, and a more well-thought-out opinion, if not several of them. Does the ethics behind committing suicide change with the situation, or would a casuistic approach defeat the purpose here?

I'm lost lol.

RE: Ethics regarding suicide?
6/09/13 13:52 en respuesta a Gale Anon.
Still no reply, half a year later. Worst forum ever.

RE: Ethics regarding suicide?
30/11/15 9:27 en respuesta a Gale Anon.
While its true that once you're dead you feel nothing there will always
be people who love you and care about you and its them that you would
hurt by committing suicide. death might seem like a simple way out but it is cowardly .