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企业捐赠:慈善还是交换?基于我国年度亏损上市公司的分析/Corporate Donation: Charity or Exchange

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The Paper “Corporate Donation: Charity or Exchange——Based on the Analysis of Listed Companies under Deficit in China”, written by Li Sihai from Jinan University and Lu Qirui from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law is the First Prize of 2011 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Corporate Donation: Charity or Exchange
——Based on the Analysis of Listed Companies under Deficit in China

Abstract: Based on listed companies under deficit in China during 2004 and 2010 , we empirically studied the influence of government support on the corporate donation with government subsidies as a mediator variable, . We have found that the government subsidies have significant effect on the donation in loss corporations, which means that loss corporations which obtained more government subsidies would behave more actively and make more donations. This reflects that under the background of China's current system, the government plays a significant role in corporate donation. reciprocal exchange behavior in China's corporate donation, to some extent, shocks the traditional concept of charitable donation.

Key words: Corporate Donation; Government Subsidies; Property Rights; Political Connection
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