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Book of the month: Kairos for Creation : Confessing Hope for the Earth

Editors:  Louk Andrianos, Michael Biehl, Ruth Gütter, Jochen Motte, Andar Parlindungan,Thomas Sandner, Juliane Stork and Dietrich Werner ...   Leer más »

Save the date - Free web meeting - Cyber Ethical Challenges of Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic the Internet is enabling vital services to provide information and to communicate and manage emergencies. At the same time cyber ethical challenges are emerging,...   Leer más »

The Better Sinner - A Practical Guide on Corruption

Corruption is as old as humanity, though the costly and large-scale efforts to address it have only been developed in recent decades. Despite the numerous standards, regulations and laws that...   Leer más »

Agape + Economy

  崔万田(Cui Wantian) ISBN: ISBN 978-2-88931-349-5 Series number: Agape Series No. 1 Publication: 2020 ...   Leer más »

Newsletter No2/2020 - After the Corona Virus Hopes and Lessons from the Ashes of World War II

Find everything on events, courses, conference coming up and read all about our past events. Check our latest collections, publications and the book of the month   Leer más »

Teaching with Integrity: Professional Ethics in Higher Education

  On 24 February 2020, the Department of English of Scott Christian College in collaboration with India   , and the  Journal of Dharma ...   Leer más »

Book of the month: An archaeology of corruption in medicine

Corruption is a word used loosely to describe many kinds of action that people find dis-tasteful. We prefer to reserve it for the intentional misuse of the good offices of an established social...   Leer más »

Library Tip: Export and share your citations/references

This Library tip shows you how to export all your search results in various formats: BibTex, EndNote, RefMan and CSV and import them in Zotero . You will also learn how to make a selective...   Leer más »

COVID-19: What Our Network is Saying

During these exceptional times, we've been reaching out to you to hear your thoughts on COVID-19. Here is a selection of letters we've recieved from members of our network.   Leer más »

Ética y economía: la relación dañada (Parte II)

Esta segunda parte del volumen Ética y Economía reúne en su contenido los temas centrales de los tres Diálogos de Alto Nivel que se sucedieron luego del primero realizado en noviembre de 2016.   Leer más »
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