Ethics for Professions Programme

Developing Ethical Well Being in the Workplace

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Previous provides professionals with tailored educational programmes and trainings, services, tools, materials and resources on applied ethics, and practical ethical dilemmas to assist them in their professional working environment and to encourage them to make ethical decisions in their daily activities.  
These programmes include online webinars and are targeted either for one group of professionals or across professions. It can be part of a master's course in applied ethics for specific professions or interdisciplinary masters such as an MBA with management topics across professions. 
The Certified Ethics Professional Programme (CEP) is also offered to professionals who wish to join as accredited ethics professional in their respective field of expertise and become part of the Pool of Experts.
Who is it for? What is included? Flagship product: Courses on Demand / Joint Webinairs
  • Alumni
  • Working professionals
  • Professionals associations and members
  • Research institutes on ethics, governanace and sustainability
  • Online webinars with free access to e-learning resources on applied ethics across sectors
  • Posibility to joint post-graduate diploma programmes in applied ethics with our partner universities
  • Access to Certifies Ethics Professional Programme (CEP) is the label for teaching professionals who wish to join as accredited trainers as part of the Pool of Experts.
  • Short webinars on demand
  • Recommended experts in professional ethics in different languages and with different cultural, religious and ethical backgrounds
  • Cooperation with associations of professionals of one or various professions
  • In-house trainings within one higher education institution, a company, a de-partment of public administration unit.
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Resources included in the Programme


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  • Ethics Training Manual for Practitioners: How to live integrity in my (first) job after studies (2019)
  • Ethics Training Manual for Professionals: How to create my own ethical competency portfolio (2019)



Ethical Community of Professionals

  • Certified Ethics Professional Programme
  • Pool of experts


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