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Integrity Training for Responsible Elections in DR Congo

During 10 – 15 August 2017, provided a series of training sessions on ‘Integrity and Elections' as part of the FIER (Integrity Training for Responsible Elections)...   Leer más »

Cultural diplomacy in the XXI century new challenges, new solutions

The International Forum of Creative Youth "Cultural diplomacy in the XXI century: new challenges, new solutions" was hosted in the Kaluga region.   Leer más »

Invitation to 1st National Ethics Convention in Zimbabwe is happy to share the invitation to the inaugural National Ethics Convention (NEC2017) taking place in Harare, Zimbabwe on 21 July 2017.   Leer más »

International Higher Education Interfaith Leadership Forum 2016 participated in the International Higher Education Interfaith Leadership Forum (IHEILF) from 20-23 September 2016 in Washington, USA.   Leer más »

OMNIA Leadership Training Invitation, May, 17-19, 2017

OMNIA Institute for Contextual Leadership is organizing OMNIA LEADERSHIP TRAINING SUMMIT May 17-19, 2017 in Chicago, US.   Leer más »
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