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Integrating Ethical Thinking and Behaviour in the Classroom

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Our programme prepares and enables students to adopt ethical thinking and behaviour in learning and research at all levels across the institution. 
Ethics for students is not only about theoretical knowledge of ethics, but it is mostly about dealing with applied ethics, including changing behaviours through character formation, dealing with ethical dilemmas, coaching and institutionalised standards, norms, procedures, awards and sanctions, as developed in the Ethics for Institutions Programme.
A general introduction to ethics at the early stage at undergraduate level prepares first-year students on the implications of ethical behaviour in learning and research at university level and in society at large.
For graduates who wish to further their research activities on applied ethics in the main disciplines such as business, ICT, environment, infrastructure, agriculture, medical and healthcare research, etc, they can differentiate the applicability of ethics in research and better assess possible legal responsibilities of researchers in certain fields such as research on life and biodiversity. 
Who is it for? What is included? Flagship product: Online Modules on Ethics in Higher Education
  • Undergraduate, post-graduates
  • Researchers and doctoral candidates
  • Online modules on Ethics in Higher Education leading to CAS certificate
  • Option (as from 2019): short modules with ECTS (earned credits) for diploma degrees of selected academic partners with the Consortium
  • Online tools, such as special collections and publications provided by the Library and Publications
  • An online course which covers the most relevant topics on ethics in higher education, such as ethical decision making, dealing with unethical conducts such as plagiarism, bullying, harassment, discrimination and cheating in exams for students.
  • Other topics are more relevant to researchers such as publication and library ethics
  • For administrators, the topics on student selection processes, university codes of ethics and procurement practices are more relevant
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