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Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics is a philosophical journal on line, being published only in an electronic format. The journal aims at promoting research and reflection, both historically and theoretically, in the field of moral and political philosophy, with no cultural preclusion or adhesion to any cultural current. Contributions should be submitted in one of these languages: Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish. All essays should include an English abstract of max. 200 words. The editorial staff especially welcomes interdisciplinary contributions with special attention to the main trends of the world of practice. The journal has an anonymous referee system. Two issues per year (one every six months: June and December) are expected. The Author retains all rights, including copyright, in the contribution. In any future use of the article, the version published on Etica & Politica /Ethics & Politics should be mentioned.

Etica & Politica/Ethics & Politics è una rivista filosofica on line, pubblicata in formato elettronico. L'obiettivo della rivista è di favorire la ricerca e la riflessione, teorica e storica, nell'ambito della filosofia morale e della politica, senza nessuna preclusione culturale. I contributi dovranno essere sottoposti in una delle seguenti lingue: italiano, francese, inglese, portoghese, spagnolo, tedesco. Tutti gli articoli dovranno essere accompagnati da un abstract in inglese di max. 200 parole.


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  • Ética Mundial
  • Ética Política
    • Ética de sistemas políticos
    • Ética del derecho
    • Gobernanza y ética
    • Ética del desarrollo
  • Ética económica
    • Ética de sistemas económicos
    • Ética y tecnología
  • Ética cultural
    • Ética de los medios/la comunicación
    • Ética cultural/intercultural
  • Métodos éticos/metaética
    • Ética filosófica
  • Ética de la vida
  • Ética comunitaria
  • Ética medioambiental