African Sociological Review / Revue Africaine de Sociologie
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Vulnerability and resilience of female farmers in Oku, Cameroon, to Climate Change
The impact of gender and residential background on racial integration: evidence from a South African university
Elèves-mères et rationalité de la sexualité et de la maternité à l’Ouest-Cameroun
The origins of the feminist movement in Senegal: A social history of the pioneering Yewwu-Yewwi
Participants’ evaluation of the land reform programme in Rwanda’s Southern Province
Thinking otherwise: theorizing the colonial/modern gender system in Africa
Morphologie du quotidien, souffrance sociale et parcours individuels au Cameroun: la mort de Monique Koumatekel, un problème social ?
The Social Act of Exchange in Power Relations: The study of the Phenomenon of Nichekeleko at the Weighbridges in Zambia.
Gender Revolution Prospects in Nigeria: Implications for Marriage Timing and Fertility
Non-meritocratic Factors and the Recruitment Process in Oyo State Civil Service, Nigeria
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