Duke Journal of Gender Law & Policy
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Biopower, Disability and Capitalism: Neoliberal Eugenics and the Future of ART Regulation
“Tragic and Glorious Pages”: The Evolution of Intersex Rights in Russia and Reframing Law and Tradition to Advance Reform
The Paradox of Policing as Protection: A Harm Reduction Approach to Prostitution Using Safe Injection Sites as a Guide
Immigration, Adoption and Our National Identity
The Other 20 Cents Isn’t Worth It: The Inadequacy of Title VII’s Anti-Retaliation Framework
Journal Staff
From Sex Objects to Sisters-In-Arms: Reducing Military Sexual Assault Through Integrated Basic Training and Housing
Using Federal Nondiscrimination Laws to Avoid ERISA: Securing Protection From Transgender Discrimination in Employee Health Benefit Plans
Voluntary Sterilization of Inmates for Reduced Prison Sentences
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