Online Libraries

Online Library on Business Ethics - a growing part of the online libraries on ethics, is available for free to registered participants and includes:

Online Collections on Business Ethics and Economic Ethics.

The special collection on Business and Economic Ethics offers more than 1100 full text online articles and books on business starting with documents selected from India. The collection is constantly enlarged by documents from all continents in different languages.

The Canadian Business Ethics Rearch Network Collection includes more than 230 articles. Publications on Business and Economic Ethics publishes own publications in four series: global, focus, texts and theses. Many are related to economic ethics. New in 2012 are the "Global Survey on Business Ethics in Teaching, Training and Research" and "Trust and Ethics in Finance". The Final Report of the Global Ethics Forum(GEF) 2012 and the GEF Report 2011 are also part of the publications. Documentation from all Global Ethics Forums, including the GEF presentations, video interviews and videos of the sessions are being made available online. In addition, participants can upload documents on the themes of the 12 GEF workshops 2012. The online workgroups have their own documentation, reserved for workgroup members.



Business Ethics Case Studies
As a part of the educational collection, a collection of case studies in the area of professional ethics is available in the library. A collection of company cases in business ethics is in process of development.