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GEF 2015: Largest ethics network launches online course on responsible leadership


Geneva, 26 June 2015

Globethics, the world largest ethics network and biggest online ethics library, has launched the Globethics Academy Course on Responsible Leadership.

Christoph Stückelberger, Director and Founder of Geneva-based, said at the 26 June launch, "I am dreaming of a world full of good leaders...But what is a responsible leader? That is the question we raised all around the world?"

The Responsible Leadership consists of 14 lectures from a global and contextual perspective from all continents. It is founded on perspectives from a global network of persons and institutions committed to empowering ethical knowledge.

One of the courses is on Consumer Rights Protection and Legal Remedies by Prof. Liu Baocheng from China. Roman Catholic nun, Dr. Elisabeth Nduoku from Kenya has a video course on Corruption, Transparency and Peace. A third course on Ethics in Public Administration is given by Prof. Alexander Ageev from Russia.

Globethics programme officer Rromir Imami is the first student.

Peter Kenny

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